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ma_fille              mieux              faut_pas              rien_que              amour_est              un_jour              le_cœur              envers              ma_mère              dans_eau              si_étais              peut_être              étais              le_garçon              quand_tu              au_paradis              homme_qui              était              une_nuit              les_jours              au_secours              un_peu              rêver              aux_yeux              inconnue              mon_coeur              un_enfant              les_filles              la_pluie              un_homme              pour_vous              une_étoile              pleurer              quelque_chose              les_yeux              du_bonheur              rêves              est_trop              un_été              épouse              une_mère              tout_est              des_jours              mon_ami              votre              comme_les_autres              si_était              aveugle              étrange              la_boîte             

Examples of "une_fille"
It is based on the Quebec comedy television series "Un gars, une fille".
In 2008, Brandolini d'Adda was featured in the "Une fille Un Style" column of Vogue Paris.
From 1999–2003, she starred in "Un gars, une fille", alongside her future husband Jean Dujardin.
"Euh, allô! non, mais allô, quoi. T'es une fille et t'as pas de shampooing ? Allô. Allô ! Je sais pas, moi, vous me recevez ? T'es une fille, t'as pas de shampooing ? C'est comme si je dis : t'es une fille, t'as pas de cheveux !" ("Er, hello! I mean, like, hello? You're a girl, you got no shampoo. Hello. Hello! I dunno, you receiving me? You're a girl, you got no shampoo? It's like I'd say: you're a girl, you got no hair".)
It was later added to the artist's full-length album "Une fille de l'ere" which released in 2006.
Une fille comme moi is the third album by French singer Priscilla Betti. It was released on February 2, 2004, and was supported by the French top five hit "Toujours pas d'amour", followed by the singles "Toi c'est moi" and "Jalousie" which achieved a moderate success in comparison. "Une fille comme moi" is Priscilla's most successful album, reaching the top ten in France.
A fifth trademark ""Nabilla allô t'es une fille t'as pas de shampooing c' est comme si t'es une fille t'as pas de cheveux"" was registered by Benattia herself. The trademarks are registered across ten categories covering a wide range of products including scientific instruments, jewellery and linen but not shampoo.
Vladimir Karamazov appears for a first time in a TV series in 2002 in the Bulgarian adaptation of Un gars, une fille on bTV (as Dany).
Une fille et des fusils is a French film, directed by Claude Lelouch, released in 1964. It is also known as "The Decadent Influence".
He was director of the French TV series Farce Attaque (Farce Attack) and Un gars, une fille (A Guy, A Girl) before focusing only on poker.
The remix featuring as second track on the CD single is also available on the album "Une Fille comme moi", as eleventh track.
On television, she appeared in the series "1 Kadın, 1 Erkek", a Turkish adaptation of Un gars, une fille, in 2009.
The Regent's Daughter (French: "Une Fille du Régent") is a historical novel by Alexandre Dumas, written in 1845, and later adapted as a "serio-comic" play in five acts. It has sometimes been subtitled as a sequel to "The Conspirators".
He appeared from time to time on the television series "Un gars, une fille" as Guy's friend named Yves. He also appeared in film adaptations of the Rock et Belles Oreilles series.
Her television roles have included "Les Hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin", "Le Coeur a ses raisons", "Annie et ses hommes", "Un gars, une fille" and "René Lévesque".
Three Boys, One Girl (French: Trois garçons, une fille) is a 1948 French comedy drama film directed by Maurice Labro and starring Jean Marchat, Gaby Morlay and Suzy Carrier.
Since the debut of the show, the host is Guy A. Lepage, a former member of the sketch comedy group Rock et Belles Oreilles (RBO) and "the guy" in the sitcom "Un gars, une fille" (). "Le fou du roi" is Dany Turcotte, former member of the sketch comedy group Groupe sanguin.
Morganne finally releases her first album "Une Fille de l’ère" in 2006 with her own production company "Duel Prod" and only available in her official website and some other download sites. The album is influenced by rock french music and has 15 tracks a lot of up-tempo, and a few ballads.
Betti's third album, "Une Fille comme moi", was released in early 2004. The first single, "Toujours pas d'amour", peaked at number five on the French singles chart. The album peaked at number eight on the album chart, and was certified a Gold disc in France.
The Ukrainian version of "Un gars, une fille" called Lesya + Roma ("Леся + Рома") began broadcasting in 2005 on ICTV. Starring Irma Vitovska as Les′a, the girl, and Dmytro Lalenkov as Roma, the guy. It is the first comedy show to be produced in the Ukrainian language. It airs on weekdays, with an average rating of 2 million viewers.