Synonyms for unfoldases or Related words with unfoldases

tpst              apobec              mtase              ndpk              mgtb              unfoldase              degradosome              dexd              npps              nucleotidases              cohesins              ylsf              prepilin              maturase              hrhpl              ribosylate              rnaps              flavobacterial              dephosphorylating              phosphotransfer              glycosylmodifying              pitrilysin              spase              ubiquitinylated              methylates              cacgtg              hslv              dutpases              clpxp              phosphohydrolase              kfic              eukaryal              lipoylated              mboat              proteinsthe              cochaperone              uggt              omptin              diphosphorylases              bglg              dephosphorylate              phosphohistidine              polyphosphatase              epsin              clpa              partzymes              arfgap              sspb              sortases              muramidases             

Examples of "unfoldases"
Today, most of Baker's work focuses on these unfoldases. She works specifically with the AAA+ unfoldase family and has done a lot of research on the ClpX unfoldase. In addition to unfoldases, she looks at adaptors, which are proteins that aid the unfoldases. The AAA+ family of unfoldases is in all organisms and plays an important role in maintaining which proteins are active within a cell. Unfoldases help to destroy proteins that have become damaged or proteins that have built up too much. They are important in ensuring that proteins are properly recycled so that cells do not constantly need new amino acids. Baker wants to figure how unfoldases work and how they are controlled by cells.
Eventually, Baker left the National Institute of Health to work as an independent researcher at MIT. Here she discovered that "mu" transposons behave similarly to transposons and retrotransposons involved with bacterial resistance. Retrotransposons are transposons that first transcribe the moving gene sequence into RNA. This RNA then gets retro transcribed back into DNA, and it is this DNA that ends up being reincorporated somewhere else in the chromosome. Through her work with these different transposons, Baker started to look at unfoldases, which are a type of protein chaperone. Unfoldases serve to unfold or degrade proteins found in cells. Unfoldases are related to transposons because some of them release proteins that aid in transposition. When the proteins are released, transposition of the DNA sequence is stopped, and Baker wanted to know what caused the proteins to release from DNA.