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Examples of "unintelligible"
It is mutually unintelligible with the related Wakhi language.
Each of these groups contains numerous mutually unintelligible varieties.
2388 Kudrinsky: Don't turn it right! The speed [unintelligible]
[unintelligible] Mr. Spock from the bridge. Confine them to quarters
The Ethnologue lists 14 different partially unintelligible varieties of Chinantec.
Pinghua is divided into two mutually unintelligible subgroups:
"Transmitter turned on four times; fragments of unintelligible utterances"
The term "AnExample" ends up mostly unintelligible and difficult to correct.
The following is a list of Chinese languages and dialects, many of which are mutually unintelligible.
These are generally unintelligible to speakers of Modern Standard Persian and are related to Lori.
Remove Lt. Uhura and Mr. Spock from the bridge. Confine [unintelligible]
Damaged. Unintelligible; Mentions some Khan. States that Pratapa-Rudradeva Gajapati was ruling.
The Frisian language group itself is divided into three mutually unintelligible languages:
'their 'yabbering' is altogether unintelligible to the blacks of the mainland.'
2393 Kudrinsky: We'll come out of this. Everything's fine ... Gently [unintelligible], gently ... Pull up gently!
Tai Hongjin can be split into five dialects, which are often mutually unintelligible (Zhou 2001:14).
Tseminyu is the principal dialect main center. Southern Rengma and Northern Rengma are reportedly inherently unintelligible.
The Chinese government recognizes six mutually unintelligible Yi languages, from various branches of the Loloish family:
The term "AnExample" ends up mostly unintelligible and difficult to correct.
Jews, Mandeans and Syriac-Aramean Christians speak different dialects of Aramaic that are often mutually unintelligible.