Synonyms for unmapping or Related words with unmapping

unmap              deallocating              deallocates              unmaps              defragmenting              deallocation              deallocate              andunmapping              smmu              gvpns              nodelba              slba              gvas              gppns              reclaims              utlb              unmapped              gppn              preallocating              remaps              copyback              quiescing              snapshotting              asids              deallocated              reallocating              iommu              mmio              destages              defragmentation              destaging              pagetable              slbas              evicting              stlb              vtlb              flashcopy              andreclaiming              uncached              restriping              vlun              defragment              aclock              iotlb              atpt              uncopied              reassigning              reinitializing              ppns              preallocation             

Examples of "unmapping"
"Race, Space, and the Law: Unmapping a White Settler Society" (2002)