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inconspicuous              obtrusive              uncomplicated              pleasing              aesthetically              appealing              effortless              intrusive              unattractive              intuitive              elegant              unappealing              comfortable              awkward              unnoticeable              dependable              stylish              inconspicuously              imperceptible              painless              expeditious              enjoyable              sturdy              discreetly              esthetically              unsightly              uncluttered              rugged              intimidating              annoying              repeatable              ergonomic              adaptable              clumsy              inflexible              ergonomically              discreet              entertaining              sleek              affordable              uncomfortable              bothersome              inexpensive              maneuverable              perceptible              legible              cluttered              incredibly              reassuring              concealable             

Examples of "unobtrusive"
Unobtrusive research (or unobtrusive measures) is a method of data collection used primarily in the social sciences. The term "unobtrusive measures" was first coined by Webb, Campbell, Schwartz, & Sechrest in a 1966 book titled "Unobtrusive Measures: nonreactive research in the social sciences". The authors described methodologies which do not involve direct elicitation of data from the research subjects. Unobtrusive measures are contrasted with interviews and questionnaires, in that they try to find indirect ways to obtain the necessary data. The unobtrusive approach often seeks unusual data sources, such as garbage, graffiti and obituaries, as well as more conventional ones such as published statistics.
The Web Standards Project describes four benefits of unobtrusive DOM scripting in their "JavaScript Manifesto".
Many of these are unobtrusive modern bridges carrying main roads. The following are more notable:
• Headboard in master bedroom is cladded with the flooring material to give unobtrusive
unobtrusive government that seeks to create a favourable business and social environment."
Webb, T. L. (in press). Advice-taking as an unobtrusive measure of prejudice. "Behavior Research Methods".
• Floor material connected in an unobtrusive and whimsical manner to increase floor plan flow and space.
• Floor material connected in an unobtrusive manner to increase floor plan flow and space.
These unobtrusive woodland plants are useful in the woodland and shade garden.
(21) Intervention must be reversible, 'unobtrusive' yet 'distinguishable', and disclosed to the public
• Floor material connected in an unobtrusive manner to increase floor plan flow and space.
The term "unobtrusive measures" was first coined by Eugene Webb, Campbell, Schwartz, and Sechrest in a 1966 book, "Unobtrusive methods: Nonreactive research in the social science", in which they described methods that don't involve direct induction of data from research subjects. For example, the evidence people leave behind as they traverse their physical environment is unobtrusive. Unobtrusive methods get around biases, such as the selection bias and the experimenter's bias, that result from the researcher and his intrusion. Consequently, however, these methods reduce the researcher's control over the type of data collected.
For the Paris Web Conference in 2007, Christian Heilmann identified seven rules of Unobtrusive JavaScript.
diversity. Unobtrusive backings allow the often breathy voice of Louisan to remain prominent.
• Floor material connected in an unobtrusive manner to increase floor plan flow and
"The singing and dancing were impressivley professional, well supported by an unobtrusive band"- Ewen Coleman, The Dominion Post
An unobtrusive man, we last saw him as a spectator at "Nottingham, 1936" wandering about as if he was nobody.
This locally common but shy and unobtrusive siskin is found in the scrubby valleys and hillsides of the Drakensberg mountains.
This article focuses on digital photography, where an articulating screen allows convenient or unobtrusive shooting from various perspectives.
"[Her] poems…combine honesty…with precisely turned and unobtrusive language whose rhythms always have a sense of rightness."