Synonyms for unreadable or Related words with unreadable

unrecognizable              unusable              legible              unintelligible              meaningless              unrecoverable              unplayable              corrupted              inaccessible              obsolete              unidentifiable              useless              worthless              irretrievable              writable              unworkable              unencrypted              inoperable              invalid              misread              obfuscated              outdated              corrupt              unwritable              invisible              overwritten              indecipherable              unuseable              unwritten              unviewable              redacted              decipherable              uncorrectable              undecodable              invalidated              nonfunctional              inapplicable              unprintable              falsified              deciphered              imperceptible              erased              overwriting              flawed              impracticable              misplaced              forgotten              untrustworthy              unnoticeable              superfluous             

Examples of "unreadable"
Two graves are unknown and one gravestone is unreadable.
WEAK UNREADABLE means Unable to copy, a relay is required
unreadable", "Unfortunately, the continued corrosion of the scroll –especially
Philosopher Roger Scruton dismisses "A Thousand Plateaus" as "nonsense" and "unreadable".
Characters in parentheses are ambiguous. Characters represented with black blocks are entirely unreadable.
and are unreadable. (information is from an earlier survey LDS Survey in 1956 -
Let formula_169 be positions of unreadable characters. One creates polynomial localising these positions formula_170
Set values on unreadable positions to 0 and compute the syndromes.
Again, replace the unreadable characters by zeros while creating the polynom reflecting their positions formula_244
Because a single time code is made up of 40 consecutive bits, read errors can cause a timecode to be unreadable even if a single bit is misread. A bit that has become unreadable due to a scratch can make an entire 40 bit long time code permanently unreadable. Dust can have a similar effect on the time code. The time code implements very little error checking, an attribute strong in a number of other vinyl control systems.
Another affected language is Arabic (see below). The text becomes unreadable when the encodings do not match.
Inscription: You are the torch bearers of the nation; You carry on the light of the spirit in the fight for (Adolf Hitler (unreadable))
E. F. Bleiler described the original text as "Greatly overloaded with unnecessary (although at times ingenious) exposition, hence almost unreadable; weak novelistically; and cliched in its action plot."
Her own book "The Unreadable Shores of Love: Turkish Modernity and Mystic Romance" won the Turkish Studies Association M. Fuat Köprülü Book Prize.
Jenna Krajeski of The New Yorker wrote: "His work on stacked spines and covers reworks books into a beautiful, albeit unreadable, library".
Psychics can identify infected persons of any stage by a thing known as "mindsmog." This clouds the vampire's mind, and makes their thoughts unreadable in most cases.
Part of the stone monument has worn away making the eleventh poem of the first section and the fourth poem of the second section partially unreadable.
"The great complaint that was made against us was of being unreadable; people claimed they could 'see' nothing in our pictures". Gleizes continues:
The complexities of the style mentioned in the previous section make it unreadable by the average Japanese person without dedicated study of the language of the tale.
For fifteen years Mirolyubov restored, photographed, transcribed (as photographs proved to be unreadable) and finally translated the text. He managed to transcribe most of the planks.