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Examples of "unterkircher"
On July 15, 2008, Italian alpinist Karl Unterkircher fell into a crevasse during an attempt to open a new route to the top with Walter Nones and Simon Kehrer. Unterkircher died, but Kehrer and Nones were rescued by the Pakistani army.
The spouses Paul Unterkircher and Karola Unterkircher, who committed bomb attacks in southern Tirol (Pfunderer Buam or Ein Tirol) with the goal of having southern Tirol become a part of Austria again instead of remaining italian lived in Terfens. The municipal council of Terfens campaigned for the pardon of Karola Unterkirchers after she was arrested.
The Adventurous Wedding (German:Die abenteuerliche Hochzeit) is a 1925 German silent film directed by Franz Seitz and starring Hans Unterkircher, Maria Mindzenty and Alice Hechy.
Karl Unterkircher (27 August 1970 – 15 July 2008) was an Italian mountaineer. He is mostly known for opening new mountain routes.
Hans Unterkircher (22 August 1895 – 27 May 1971) was an Austrian film actor. He appeared in 63 films between 1916 and 1971. He was born in Graz, Austria and died in Vienna, Austria.
On 15 July 2008 he fell into a crevasse during an attempt to open a new route to the top of Himalayan mountain Nanga Parbat and is presumed dead. "Karl Unterkircher was the new star of mountain climbing", commented Reinhold Messner when told of his death.
Unterkircher was born in Sëlva. In 2004, he was the first alpinist to climb the two highest peaks on Earth (Mount Everest and K2) without oxygen in the same year (within 63 days) he made the second ascent of Mount Genyen, China, (first ascent by Japanese in 1987) and the first ascent of the North face of Gasherbrum II (together with Daniele Bernasconi and Michele Compagnoni). He also climbed the Jasemba, Nepal, (together with Hans Kammerlander). He has received several awards including the Cavaliere Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana.
Karl Unterkircher and Daniele Bernasconi, two Italians, climbed Gasherbrum II in 2007 in alpine style. They were the first to use the North Face through China. The route had been attempted a year earlier by a German–Swiss team, but they abandoned it after an avalanche. During the attempt they fixed around of rope. They arrived at the summit around 8:00 pm on July 20, after spending the night in a bivouac shelter. A third member, Michele Compagnoni, grandson of Achille Compagnoni, turned back just before the summit. The team reunited and descended down the normal, northwest route.
As described in a film magazine, Eleanor Hamlin (Roberts), who has been living with an old and impoverished couple, is adopted by two couples, Mr. and Mrs. Sears and Beulah Page (Greenwood) and Peter Bolling (Unterkircher), young people who have read of cooperative parenting and wish to try out the theory. It works very well until Jimmy Sears (Cooley) loses control of himself under the spell of his adopted daughter's kisses. This passes, however, but then Peter falls in love with her. Beulah then tells Eleanor that she is engaged to Peter, and the heart-broken little girl goes back home. After an exhaustive search, Peter fails to find her, and he and Beulah complete their engagement. Eleanor returns, sees the true state of things, and asks God to let her be always their little girl.