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Examples of "upe"
The first step in the merger came with the incorporation of Vista PE by UPE on January 2, 2004 followed by the merger of PE Technikon and UPE on January 1, 2005.
with its first academic year in 1983. It was taken over by UPE.
UPE was the country's first dual-medium (English and Afrikaans) residential university.
UPE operated six faculties. These were, the faculties of arts, education, economic sciences, science, law and health sciences.
UPE effectivley shut down after the 2004 academic year, and was merged with Port Elizabeth Technikon on 1 January 2005.
The University of Pernambuco (, UPE; formerly "", FESP) is a public state university located in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.
UNDP Project – aimed at strengthening transparency and accountability in the utilization of Universal Primary Education (UPE) resources.
As part of the government's plan for higher education, Vista University's Port Elizabeth campus was merged into UPE in 2004.
The school of excellence was founded in 2000 at UPE for FC Copenhagen. In 2003–04 the club won the Eastern Cape provincial league. PE Tech had previously run a professional club, which played in the National First Division in 2000–01 season. In 2006, the UPE franchise was sold to Bay United and became known as Bay Academy.
UPE offered many sports, including football, rugby and cricket. The main campus housed the University of Port Elizabeth Stadium, which was equipped with an all weather running track and flood lights. The university also ran a professional football club, FCK-UPE, in collaboration with F.C. Copenhagen.
Membership in UPE, like many other honor societies, is lifetime. Newly inducted student members get a free year of ACM student level membership as well. Additionally, UPE gives out a number of scholarships for its members and those who are active student members or the ACM and IEEE-CS.
The WHO recommended testing algorithm is to start with an upE RT-PCR and if positive confirm with ORF 1A assay or RdRp or N gene sequence assay for confirmation. If both an upE and secondary assay are positive it is considered a confirmed case.
The Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is a conservation area in the Karamoja subregion of northeastern Uganda. It is the second largest conservation protected area in Uganda.
In the State Budget of Ukraine | State Budget of Ukraine in 2006, the first provided the funds for implementation of UPE and monitoring the quality of education.
The largest lizards in Pian Upe are the Savannah monitors. Others in the reserve include the common agama as well as skinks, chameleons and geckos.
Pian Upe is home to enormous rock pythons and smaller but venomous puff adders. Harmless water snakes are also found there.
The verb form without suffixes at all is a present somewhat aorist: "Upe ára resẽ reho mombyry", "that day you got out and you went far".
As this was a self-contained luminaire, the Upper Enclosure (UPE) was restored to the design, to carry the lamp power supply and DMX related electronics.
The University of Port Elizabeth (UPE) was a public university located in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. UPE was founded on 31 January 1964, by an act of parliament, and held its first academic year in 1965. It offered bachelor's degrees, as well as masters and doctoral degrees. The university closed down in 2004, with its campuses forming part of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, which opened in 2005.
The UPEW, was the only one of the three UPE's to be located at Parallax's offices in Rocklin, California. This UPE also offers a special educator's course hosted by Parallax's engineer and author Andy Lindsay.