Synonyms for uplighter or Related words with uplighter

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Examples of "uplighter"
The ground floor under the staircase is black and white marble, with exits to the north and south and with sweeping staircases on either side. The stairs can sometimes be fitted with glass uplighter candle lamps and a stair carpet.
DJ Uplighter and Friends uses the MC-808 on the albums "Planets and Moons: A 'Stomp the Spider New Edition' Spin-off" and "Lighten Up New Synthesizer". The extracts used from the MC-808 are looped sound samples recorded with Audacity and trimmed to be used in Sony Acid Music Studio.
Localized lighting consists of a luminaire that provides ambient light as well as task light. Often it is an uplighter with a light source that is directed downward. It is intended to be mounted immediately over the workplace, and it can be either hung from the ceiling, mounted on the desk or a dividing wall, or it can be a free-standing floor lamp. Recessed lights placed directly over the work area are another common example.