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Examples of "urbanek"
Rubank was born out of a three-way partnership of Finder & Urbanek of Chicago, a large music publisher, jobber, and manufacturer of specialties for the saxophone. Finder & Urbanek incorporated and changed its name to Rubank, Inc., in 1927 when George Adam Finder (pronounced "FEN der" not "FIND er"; 1894–1962), one of the partners, sold his interest to the other partners, Harry Ruppel, Sr. (1888–1957) and Joseph James Urbanek (1894–1953).
The band formed with Vocalist Darren Belajac, Guitarists John Ericson and Steve Stout, Bassist Chris Urbanek, and Drummer Giuseppe "Gypsy" Capolupo.
The main sources used for this article are Eaton/Urbanek, the Garvin reprint of Kane's travel journal, and Harper's entry for Kane in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography.
According to rancher Jerry Urbanek, Rushmore returned to the Black Hills annually to hunt big game. One day, while accompanied by Ted Brockett of Keystone, South Dakota, Rushmore asked the name of the mountain and was told that it was Slaughterhouse Rock. Rushmore joked that his annual treks to the Hills had earned him the right to have the mountain named after himself. "So just for the hell of it," Urbanek claimed, the locals started calling the hill Mount Rushmore.
The association is run by a scientific committee, which is currently led by president Iwona Urbanek-Królikowska. Łukasz Grodziński is vice President, Paweł Gul is secretary and Helena Frączek is treasurer.
James Eugene Urbanek (April 8, 1945 – August 24, 2009) was an American football defensive tackle. He played college football at the University of Mississippi and played professionally in the American Football League for the Miami Dolphins in 1968.
Robert Urbanek (born 29 April 1987) is a Polish athlete specializing in the discus throw. His personal best in the event is 66.93 meters, achieved in 2012 in Halle.
Johann Urbanek (10 October 1910 – 7 July 2000) was an Austrian football midfielder who played for Austria in the 1934 FIFA World Cup. He later played one game for Germany during World War II. He also played for FK Austria Wien.
This term was coined in 1993 by Adam Urbanek in his paper concerning the extinction of graptoloids. It is defined as a size reduction within certain species which survive an extinction event and this size decrease may just be a temporary phenomenon restricted to the survival period of the extinction event.
Soon Theofil Kupka recognized that independence for Upper Silesia was unrealistic and therefore broke his cooperation with the Union of Upper Silesians and made contact with Kurt Urbanek, the German plebiscite commissioner. Afterwards, in November 1920, Kupka edited the first edition of the bilingual weekly „Wola Ludu – Der Wille des Volkes” (The Will of the People).
In qualification, Robert Harting could not reach his seasonal peak and was eliminated. Other prominent athletes who failed to progress were 2012 Olympic runner-up Ehsan Haddadi, 2015 World Championship bronze medalist Robert Urbanek and Fedrick Dacres, who was fourth on the world rankings. Only two athletes achieved the automatic qualifying mark: Małachowski headed the field over Lukas Weißhaidinger of Austria.
Keystone Oaks School District administrative costs per pupil were $824 in 2008. The lowest administrative cost per pupil in Pennsylvania was $398 per pupil. The salary of the superintendent was reported as $129,360 in 2009. Superintendent William F. Urbanek, Ed.D. earned $134,535 in 2010.
KLA-Tencor was formed in 1997 through the merger of KLA Instruments and Tencor Instruments, two companies in the semiconductor equipment and yield management systems industry. KLA Instruments was founded in 1975 by Ken Levy and Bob Anderson, and focused on defect inspection solutions. Karel Urbanek established Tencor Instruments in 1977 with an emphasis on metrology solutions.
The party's hegemony ended with the Velvet Revolution in 1989. In November, Jakeš and the entire Presidum resigned. Jakeš was succeeded by Karel Urbanek, who only held power for about a month before the party formally abandoned power in December. Later that month, Husák, who retained the presidency after standing down as general secretary, was forced to swear in the country's first non-Communist government in 41 years.
The recognition towards the Biel Solothurn Symphony Orchestra is reflected in the impressive list of its collaborators: Internationally renowned conductors such as Lawrence Foster, Matthias Bamert, Heinz Holliger, Milan Horvat, Maxim Vengerov, Marcello Viotti, Marc Tar-due, Gábor Takács-Nagy or Hans Urbanek and solo artists such as Natalia Gutmann, Augustin Dumay, Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Misha Maisky, Renaud and Gautier Capuçon. Feng Ning, Rudolf Buchbinder, Giovanni Bellucci, Nathalie Stutzmann or Paul Meyer stand for the artistic qualities of the orchestra.
Gómez Dávila made no attempts to make his writings widely known. Only by way of German (and later Italian as well as French and Polish) translation beginning in the late eighties did Gómez Dávila's ideas begin to be read among poets and philosophers such as Robert Spaemann, Martin Mosebach, Botho Strauß, Reinhart Maurer, Rolf Schilling, Heiner Müller, Franco Volpi, Asfa-Wossen Asserate and Krzysztof Urbanek.
Tyrmand resumed edition of his notes in 1973. Fragments were published in the London periodical "Wiadomości" between 1974 and 1978. The first book edition appeared in London in 1980, published by Polonia Book Fund. Introduction to the first edition included the sentence, ""present book contains the entirety of the diary, unaffected by editorial considerations, moral quandaries, political necessities, social concessions."" Meanwhile the cover displayed a photo of the manuscript, on which the text did not match the book's content. Notice has also been taken of English translation calques and style clumsiness. Many interlocutors of Mariusz Urbanek, author of a book "Zły Tyrmand", were convinced that nearly all of the diary was created in the United States. On the other hand, "Literatura Polska 1939-91" characterises this publication as an apocrypha.
In the finals, Małachowski took the lead on the second throw of the competition with a 65.09, the next thrower was Dacres who put out a 64.22. Later in the round, 36-year-old Gerd Kanter threw 64.82 to take over second. In the second round Małachowski solidified his lead by throwing 67.40 which turned out to be the gold medal winning throw. Three throws later Apostolos Parellis threw 64.55 to take over third. In the third round, Philip Milanov popped a 66.90 Belgian National Record to take over second place. There were no other fireworks until the fifth round when Małachowski's Polish teammate, Robert Urbanek got off a 65.18 to claim the bronze medal.
In support of the Slovak national interests before 30 October 1918 to engage in a time of increased Magyarization numerous former residents of all four villages. For small Stankovce mentions Cyril Bodický, Lutheran priest with his family, Emil Križan, Janka Križanová genus. Kubišová Zánka Križanová, Stephen Haško, Mayor John Humera st. Štefan Haško ml., John Urbanek, Ladislav Bodický, George Haško, John Haško, Stephen Smooth Chrastina Michael, Andrew Jason, John Poruban, the Sky Andrew, Stephen howling, John Záhumenský, Adam tanac and others. In case of divorce of Andrew and Stephen Tomík Komorovský in Sedličnej Vachánka of Stephen, Andrew Kassel and in Velké Stankovce of Stephen Hrusovsky, Paul Križan, Stephen Blazek, Michael Lodge, John Záhumenský, John howled and others. Stankovčania the rebellion there was no shortage of 71st Trencin infantry regiment in Kragujevac in June 1918 against the meaninglessness of l. World War II. Trenčianske Stankovce never happened apart from the creation of Slovak national consciousness and national culture. Participate in the same local natives and personalities who worked here for many years. In Sedličnej was born and died the famous cartographer and military expert John Slovak origin Mikovíni Leipzig after Samuel's second personality in Uhorsku in cartography. Lived from 1766 to 1826. In our village is over-farmed.
In poor weather conditions, there were few record performances in Oslo. Genzebe Dibaba fell short in her 5000 m world record attempt, although her winning time of 14:21.29 minutes was still the seventh fastest ever recorded at that point. The sole world-leading performance of the evening was Kaliese Spencer's 400 m hurdles win in 54.15 seconds. This brought the Jamaican to twelve points in the Diamond race. Caterine Ibargüen also reached twelve points, extending her three-year unbeaten run. No men were left unbeaten in their Diamond race due to two unexpected victories. A men's high jump billed as a contest between Mutaz Essa Barshim, Bohdan Bondarenko and Ivan Ukhov saw all finish outside the top two, as China's Zhang Guowei had his first Diamond League victory and Marco Fassinotti equalled the Italian record of . Robert Urbanek ousted his fellow Pole Piotr Małachowski to prevent him from taking three straight wins in the men's discus. In the absence of Diamond race leader Kirani James, Steven Gardiner broke the men's 400 m streak and took his first Diamond League win.