Synonyms for urochroa or Related words with urochroa

bougueri              guainumbi              nunlet              cacholote              gymnopithys              purpletuft              griseicapillus              erpetogomphus              pseudoseisura              striaticollis              sittasomus              ornithion              flaviventer              nonnula              monklet              chalcothorax              morphoeus              capistrata              rufifrons              tachuri              albogriseus              tolmomyias              songlark              ruficrista              zantholeuca              fruitcrow              blanchoti              oxylabes              chlorophonia              plumatus              barbtail              cnipodectes              selenidera              pyroderus              sakesphorus              mountaingem              tyrannina              pseudastur              subbrunneus              nunbird              trichastoma              carpodectes              monasa              sporaeginthus              hyperythrus              platyrinchus              strigilatus              malacoptila              erpornis              goldenthroat             

Examples of "urochroa"
The white-tailed hillstar ("Urochroa bougueri") is not closely related.
The white-tailed hillstar ("Urochroa bougueri") is a species of hummingbird in the Trochilidae family, and the only member of the genus Urochroa. It is found in humid montane forest in southern Colombia, Ecuador, and northern Peru. It has two subspecies, the nominate on the west Andean slope, and "leucura" on the east Andean slope. The two differ strongly, most conspicuously in that the former has a broad orange malar, which the latter lacks. Both have a straight black bill, greenish upperparts, a blue throat, grey belly, and extensive white to the tail. Although sharing the name hillstar with the members of the genus "Oreotrochilus", they are quite different and not closely related.