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Examples of "usaag"
The 4th U.S. Army Field Artillery Detachment was activated in September 1962 at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. It was originally designated the 4th U.S. Army Missile Detachment and assigned to the 5th U.S. Army Artillery Group. In January 1963, the 4th Missile Detachment, along with other units of the 5th USAAG, left for Germany and arrived in Bremerhaven in February. In September 1970, the 4th Missile Detachment was redesignated the 4th U.S. Army Artillery Detachment. In October 1978, the 4th was reassigned to the 570th USAAG. The unit was inactivated in June 1992.
SETAF's mission and geographical area of responsibility increased in 1972 when the command enlarged its signal support unit and took control of the 558th U.S. Army Artillery Group (USAAG) in Greece and the 528th USAAG in Turkey. These units had been in support of NATO since the early 1960s, along with the 559th USAAG, which had been a USASETAF unit in Italy since 1964. The 509th Infantry Regiment (Airborne Battalion Combat Team - ABCT) was previously placed under the command of SETAF in 1973 and later inactivated in the mid-1980s; it was replaced by the 4/325th Infantry Regiment (82nd Airborne Division). The 4/325th ABCT was composed of three line companies (including a COHORT company - Angry Alpha; the company adopted a dog who lived in the barracks for a month with Captain Kurt "E.T." Rotzoll; the dog was named Angry), a headquarters company, a combat-support company, and a 105mm artillery battery. A member of NATO's Allied Mobile Forces (Land), the 4/325th ABCT was the right flank element of the European front during the late Cold War and was deployable by parachute to anywhere in the region. The 4/325th ABCT was also home to THE GERONIMO football team. The team was mostly Angry Alpha soldiers. Spc.4 Patrick "Uncle Fester" Knowles spearheaded the defense from the inside linebacker position. DT Eugene "HUGE" Watson anchored the defensive line. Offensively Donald Epps was running over the opposing defenses on the way to the 1983 Northern Italian Football League Championship in 1983.
Belgium, Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, and the United Kingdom provided artillery units trained in the correct handling and operation of nuclear weapons and in some cases specialist logistic and security units. Their allocated nuclear weapons were in the custody of US Army Artillery Groups (USAAG) with subordinate US Army Field Artillery Detachments (USAFAD) assigned to the national artillery units. The Groups were part of the 59th Ordnance Brigade.