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upernavik              sisimiut              ilulissat              aasiaat              tasiusaq              nuussuaq              qeqertarsuaq              tasiilaq              qaqortoq              kangerlussuaq              qaasuitsup              narsaq              ukkusissat              qaarsut              kujalleq              qaanaaq              paamiut              nanortalik              icefjord              aappilattoq              kangaatsiaq              kullorsuaq              qasigiannguit              maniitsoq              ikerasak              kulusuk              niaqornat              arsuk              narsarsuaq              qeqqata              gamvik              sermersooq              kimmirut              ilimanaq              ikamiut              varanger              kapisillit              akunnaaq              illorsuit              westfjords              hitra              qeqertaq              ikerasaarsuk              kuummiit              saattut              nuuk              fedje              kangersuatsiaq              oslofjord              innaarsuit             

Examples of "uummannaq"
Uummannaq Heliport is a heliport in Uummannaq, a town located on Uummannaq Island in the Qaasuitsup municipality in northwestern Greenland. There are no facilities in the heliport.
Uummannaq is home to Uummannaq Music – the world's northernmost music platform on sea ice.
Neighboring Qaarsut Airport, located on Nuussuaq Peninsula on the other side of the Uummannaq fjord is the only daily connection available from Uummannaq, serving Dash-7 aircraft of Air Greenland. It functions as a mini-hub for Uummannaq, marketed as "Uummannaq Airport" regardless of its actual location, registration, documentation, and existing booking systems.
Uummannaq is located 590 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle on Uummannaq Island located in the south-central arm of the Uummannaq Fjord. "Uummannaq" is also the general name given to the series of inlets north of the promontory at Niaqornat on the Nuussuaq Peninsula.
Assorput Strait (old spelling: "Agssorput") is a strait in the Uummannaq Fjord system in northwestern Greenland. It separates Uummannaq Island in the west from Salliaruseq Island in the east. The strait waterway connects inner Sarqarput Strait in the southern arm of Uummannaq Fjord in the south with the central arm of Uummannaq Fjord in the north.
The airport thus functions as a mini-hub for Uummannaq, with the terminal building labelled 'Uummannaq', regardless of its actual location, registration, documentation, and existing booking systems.
In 1993 Hammeken returned from Denmark, having abandoned a judicial career, deciding to settle in Uummannaq. January 2013 Hammeken moved from Uummannaq.
The following are the major islands of Uummannaq Fjord:
Uummannaq Island () is a small (12 km) island in the Qaasuitsup municipality in northwestern Greenland. Located in the south-central part of the Uummannaq Fjord, it is home to the most prominent mountain on the Arctic coast of western Greenland and to Uummannaq, the largest town north of Ilulissat.
The cargo/passenger boat "Pajuttaat" of Royal Arctic Line links Uummannaq with Upernavik. Individual transport and sightseeing boats can be chartered from the Uummannaq Tourist Service. The island is often visited by cruise ships, such as Norway's Hurtigruten.
As of 2010 transport services between Upernavik Archipelago and the Uummannaq Fjord region are provided by infrequent cargo/ferry ships of Royal Arctic Line, and by Air Greenland via Upernavik Airport, Uummannaq Heliport, and the transfer point at Qaarsut Airport.
Ikerasak is located approximately 45 km southeast from Uummannaq, at the southeastern end of Ikerasak Island in the northwestern part of Ikerasak Fjord, where it widens into the inner part of Uummannaq Fjord.
Saattut (old spelling: "Sâtut") is a settlement in the Qaasuitsup municipality, in northwestern Greenland. Located on a small Saattut Island, southeast of Appat Island and northeast of Uummannaq in the Uummannaq Fjord system, the settlement had 212 inhabitants in 2010.
Illorsuit (old spelling: "Igdlorssuit") is a settlement in the Qaasuitsup municipality, in western Greenland. Located on the northeastern shore of Illorsuit Island − northwest of Uummannaq at the mouth of the Uummannaq Fjord − the settlement had 91 inhabitants in 2010.
Uummannaq may refer to the following areas in Greenland, from north to south:
Salliaruseq is separated from the Uummannaq Island in the west by the Assorput Strait; from Appat Island and Saattut archipelago in the north by the central arm of Uummannaq Fjord; from the Qaqullussuit Peninsula jutting off the mainland in the east by Alaanguarqap Suullua strait; from the Ikerasak and Talerua islands in the southeast by the southern arm of the central Uummannaq Fjord, and from the Nuussuaq Peninsula in the south by the Sarqarput Strait.
Uummannaq is a high, prominent, isolated mountain in western Greenland, located on the small Uummannaq Island in the central part of the Uummannaq Fjord. It entirely dominates the landscape of the island, its base occupying its entire northern half. Formed of granite and basement gneiss, it is the most prominent mountain in the Arctic part of the west coast of Greenland. The mountain is a landmark of Greenland and a tourist magnet, often reproduced in art.
Sarqarput Strait is a strait in the Uummannaq Fjord system in northwestern Greenland. It separates Uummannaq Island in the northeast from Nuussuaq Peninsula in the southwest. The strait waterway is part of the southern arm of Uummannaq Fjord, narrowing into Ikerasak Fjord in the southeast, at the base of Nuussuaq Peninsula. Sarfaagfip Kussinnersua and Kuuk rivers flowing from the peninsular glaciers empty into the strait.
To the north of the settlement, Perlerfiup Kangerlua, a large inner fjord empties into the main branch of Uummannaq Fjord.
Upernivik Island is located in the Uummannaq Fjord where it is the largest island with an area of .