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Examples of "uverworld"
On June 8, 2016, UVERworld released their 15th video content on DVD/Blu-ray with two full live footages, "UVERworld 15&10 Anniversary Live / 2015.09.03" and their first full "Women's festival" footage "UVERworld 15&10 Anniversary live QUEEN'S PARTY / 2015.09.06".
All tracks arranged by UVERworld and Satoru Hiraide.
Uverworld (stylized as UVERworld) is a Japanese rock band consisting of six members and originating from Kusatsu, Shiga. They have released eight studio albums and over twenty singles, most of them being successful. They have sold two million records worldwide.
On April 15, 2015, UVERworld released their 13th video content "LIVE at KYOCERA DOME OSAKA 2014.07.05".
On February 21, 2007, Uverworld released their second album titled "Bugright". It featured the singles Uverworld had released after "Timeless". was included in the tribute soundtrack titled as "The Songs for Death Note The Movie: The Last Name Tribute" for "Death Note". On March 6, 2007, the band was also part of an event called 'We Love Music Vol.2' held in the Shibuya-AX where Uverworld performed against Sid.
On March 28, 2012, UVERworld has released their 21st single which is entitled to be "7th Trigger" and 6 days after they have released another Live DVD & Blu-ray "UVERworld 2011 Premium LIVE on Xmas at Nippon Budokan" which was at April 4, 2012.
On November 6, 2013, UVERworld release their 10th Video and their first full "Men's festival" concert footage "KING'S PARADE Zepp DiverCity (2013.02.08)" on DVD and Blu-ray after their long period of THE ONE Tour 2012-2013. UVERworld have finally decided to have a full LIVE HOUSE Footage from Zepp DiverCity as their main concept instead of Arenas, Stadiums or Halls.
On August 19, UVERworld officially announced their new 12th DVD "KING'S PARADE Nippon Budokan 2013.12.26" and it was released on September 24, 2014.
Blu-ray versions of "UVERworld 2008 Premium LIVE at Nippon Budokan" and "LAST TOUR FINAL at TOKYO DOME" were released on December 17, 2011.
"Kanashimi wa Kitto" is the 14th single released by the Japanese rock band Uverworld. Released on October 28, 2009, it reached #2 on Japanese Oricon Weekly Charts.
On July 2, 2014, UVERworld released their 8th studio album, entitled "Ø CHOIR", which subsequently reached second place in the Oricon Style Charts.
On August 26, UVERworld released their 28th single "I LOVE THE WORLD" which is used as a theme song Dragon Nest R Game in Japan.
The five-member band known as Uverworld first formed in 2003, and were known as Sound Goku Road, (more popularly known as "Sangoku Road" in the independent music scene). The band originally consisted of seven members, and released Prime'03, a demo CD which ended up selling 3,000 copies. Unfortunately, two of the band members, the saxophonist Seika, and Ryohei the second-man vocalist left. After Seika's departure Ace∞Trigger renamed himself Takuya∞ and the band renamed itself Uverworld.
After the release of 7th album, UVERworld released a re-cut single from their Latest album entitled "REVERSI" and it was also the movie theme song for "Blue Exorcist -The Movie-".
On November 6, 2016, UVERworld released their 16th video content "PREMIUM LIVE on Xmas 2015 at Nippon Budokan". Their second christmas live footage which features more classic songs than new ones.
A sequel anime, titled "Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga", premiered on January 7, 2017. The opening theme song is by Uverworld, while the ending theme song is by Rin Akatsuki.
On March 26, 2014, It was announced that UVERworld would have their former member from Sangoku Road and live support member, Seika as their new 6th member to the group.
On June 18, 2014, UVERworld released their 26th Single entitled to be called "Nanokame no ketsui (7日目の決意, Decision of the Seventh Day)" which will be their 1st single for 2014.
On May 27, UVERworld released their 27th single "Boku no Kotoba Dewanai Kore wa Bokutachi no Kotoba". The single is used for the anime series "The Heroic Legend of Arslan"
No.1 is a Japanese-language song, and the seventeenth single, by the Japanese band Uverworld and was released on November 19, 2008. This song was also perform at Tokyo Dome as a leading track for Last Tour Final. Limited edition version contains Three live song footage at Zepp Tokyo from Last Tour 2010.