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geninho              estevam_soares              argel_fucks              givanildo_oliveira              antônio_lopes              guto_ferreira              sérgio_soares              levir_culpi              celso_roth              vágner_mancini              adílson_batista              sérgio_guedes              valdir_espinosa              vadão              gilson_kleina              jair_pereira              paulo_bonamigo              ricardo_drubscky              marcelo_oliveira              lori_sandri              roberto_cavalo              renato_gaúcho              hélio_dos_anjos              rené_simões              cecílio              paulo_césar_carpegiani              péricles_chamusca              paulo_césar_gusmão              émerson_leão              álvaro_magalhães              carvalho_leite              augusto_inácio              valdomiro              rubens_minelli              zé_carlos              edinho              mauro_galvão              gílson              fernandão              jair_picerni              vítor_oliveira              dorival_júnior              mário_sérgio              márcio_bittencourt              oséas              bernardino_pedroto              waldemar_lemos              luizinho              luiz_carlos_winck              edílson             

Examples of "vágner_benazzi"
Preto had worked with manager Vágner Benazzi at Portuguesa in 2009 before re-uniting with him at Bragantino in 2012.
Vágner Benazzi de Andrade (born July 17, 1954), is a Brazilian retired footballer who played as a right back, and is a current manager.
Only in a year, Portuguesa had five full-time managers (Guto Ferreira, Argel Fucks, Marcelo Veiga, Silas and Vágner Benazzi) and also one caretaker (Zé Augusto). All but the latter were sacked due to poor results.
Argel left Lusa in the following month, and after short-reign terms of Marcelo Veiga and Silas, the club announced the arrival of Vágner Benazzi in mid-September, highly known for his abilities to guide a team out of the relegation places. However, he was also dismissed in the following month, after failing to achieve a single win. During that time, the club also saw a host of players coming and going out, with the squad surpassing the 40 players mark.