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Examples of "vaggelis"
Vaggelis Polyzois (Βαγγέλης Πολυζώης)
Vaggelis Papachristos (; born 1955) is a Greek politician.
Vaggelis was born in 1974 in Athens-Greece, where he now lives and works.
Evangelos "Vangelis" Vourtzoumis (alternate spelling: Vaggelis) () (born October 30, 1969) is a retired Greek professional basketball player.
Vaggelis Hoursoglou is the cofounder of "Carpe Diem" collective. Furthermore, he is the coeditor of the group’s publication also called "Carpe Diem".
Evangelos "Vangelis" Alexandris (alternate spelling: Vaggelis) (born February 2, 1951; ) is a Greek professional basketball coach and a retired professional basketball player.
Vaggelis Kaounos (Greek: Βαγγέλης Καούνος; born 29 October 1977) is a former professional Greek footballer. He ended his career playing for Kalamata F.C. in December 2012.
Since the completion of his studies, Vaggelis has worked on both commissioned and self-initiated projects in many countries around the world, including Denmark, Switzerland, China and Brazil.
In 2010, Vaggelis travelled to Shenzhen-China for the international Mural Exhibition, where he painted on the Dafen Art Museum wall an 8 x 13m mural entitled "Path Of Silk".
The 2009 season of Ellada Eheis Talento is the second season of the programme presented by Christos Ferentinos with judges Ilias Psinakis, Matthildi Maggira and Vaggelis Perris. It began airing on ANT1 on 24 April and concluded on 3 July.
Evangelos "Vangelis" Sklavos (alternate spelling: Vaggelis) (Greek: Ευάγγελος "Βαγγέλης" Σκλάβος; born December 1, 1977) is a Greek professional basketball player born in Athens, Greece. He is a 2.02 m tall small forward-power forward.
Vaggelis Koutsoures was born on 2 February 1975 in Portaria Chalkidikis, Greece is a Greek football player who currently plays for Erani Filiatra. Koutsoures played for Panathinaikos F.C., OFI Crete and Kerkyra F.C. in the Greek Super League.
Evangelos "Vangelis" Tzolos (alternate spellings: Vaggelis, Tzollos) (; born August 14, 1991) is a Greek professional basketball player. He is 1.92 m (6 ft 3 ¾ in) tall, and he plays at the point guard position.
The lyricists consist of Aris Ektoras and Vicky Gerothodorou (four songs each), Vagia Kalantzi and Eleni Giannatsoulia (two songs each), and Nektarios Trakgkis, Christina Salti, Vaggelis Konstatinidis, and Pogrebetsky (one song each).
Phoebus composed all of the songs on the album, as well as writing lyrics for twelve songs. Among the other lyricist are Vaggelis Konstantinidis on two songs and Zoi Gripari on one song.
The 2016 Mediterranean Bowling Championships (MBC) was held in Bologna (Italy) at RenoBowling, Casalecchio di Reno from April 12–16. 13 federations participated, 12 federations that participated in 2015 and France returning after a one-year absence. The singles events were won by Lynne Fishler (Israel) and Vaggelis Krizinis (Greece). Italy swept both men's and women's doubles. Helga Di Benedetto-Melania Rossi winning the women's doubles and Maurizio Celli-Alessandro Spada winning the men's doubles. Mixed doubles winners were Georgia Sagona-Vaggelis Krizinis (Greece). France won the teams event. The "All Event" winners were Sue Abela (Malta) and Vaggelis Krizinis (Greece). Abela now has thirteen All Events gold medals. Masters champions were Adile Michajlow (Turkey) and Nino Stenko (Slovenia).
The direction of photography was undertaken by Vaggelis Katrizidakis. Cretan director Thodoris Papadoulakis convinced Mega Channel to keep Athens out of the filming by having the entire series shot on location in Crete, arguing that Spinalonga recreates a natural setting. Filming began in December 2009 and concluded in December 2010, primarily taking place in Plaka, Spinalonga, upper Elounda, and Agios Nikolaos.
He moved to Athens after being encouraged to do so by director Kostas Tsianos. He first appeared on stage in 1992 in Fioro tou Levante which was staged by NGNT and directed by Vaggelis Theodoropoulos. His first cinema appearance was in Gamilia Narki by Dimitris Indores. He first appeared on TV with Mirela Papaoikonomou in Etsi Ksafnika in 2004. He loves to travel.
Ithaka Science Center, a hands-on science education center in Tegelen in the Netherlands was founded in 2008 as a non-profit organization by Vaggelis E. Fragiadakis and Margriet van Tulder and funded as a public-private partnership. Its goal: to present interactive exhibits, programs, public lectures, and other events for schools and the general public.
The village existed during the struggle for the independence of Greece (1821-1829) and many of its members participated in this struggle, namely the families: Alexiou (Giannakis, Stavros), Valtinos (Athanasios, Kolios, Georgakis, Georgios, Ioannis, Panos, Dimitrios and Sotiris), Kontogiannis (Mitsos, Vaggelis, Nikolaos, Spyros), Mylonas Zacharis, Nikou Andreas, Sotiris Dimos, Christou Konstantinos, Christou or Seltsikas Spyros and others.