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kasapis              efthimios              kopitsis              fanis              alexandris              charalampos              dimitriadis              fotios              michailidis              savevski              kalitzakis              atmatsidis              stavrakopoulos              vasilopoulos              sofianidis              stamatiadis              vasilios              labros              oikonomou              diamantis              sotirios              romanidis              koulis              mousouris              intzoglou              koroneos              manthos              gerakarakis              ardizoglou              ravousis              karafeskos              periklis              theofanis              galakteros              kastrinakis              georgamlis              karagiozopoulos              kiriakos              vasileios              lambrou              anestis              mitsibonas              efstathios              vourtzoumis              maropoulos              kapsis              georgalis              konstantinidis              kostenoglou              skevofilax             

Examples of "vaios"
Vaios Karagiannis () (born 25 June 1968) is a former Greek football player and current manager of Anagennisi Karditsa.
Amongst many, notable teachers of the Portionou School were: Christos Kontellis (1916–22, 1923–44), Emmanuel Ioannidis (1922–23, 1928–37), Evangelia Mauroudi (1948–63), Vaios Rigopoulos (1955–63) and Ignatios Papadopoulos (1966–76).
William Vaios Spanos is a Heideggerian literary critic. Spanos was a Distinguished Professor of English and comparative literature at Binghamton University, Binghamton, New York; he is a founder and editor of the critical journal "boundary 2". His work draws heavily on the philosophical legacy of Martin Heidegger, and while it does show the influence of the deconstruction of Jacques Derrida and Paul de Man, Spanos's vocabulary and concepts remain closer to Heidegger's "Destruktion" ("destruction") of metaphysics than to its philosophical successors.
After the 1989 triumphs, under Bajević, AEK built what was to become one of the most successful teams in its history. Captained by Stelios Manolas, the team, which included Toni Savevski, Daniel Batista, Vaios Karagiannis, Vasilis Dimitriadis, Giorgos Savvidis, Alekos Alexandris, Vassilios Tsiartas (one of the best players in AEK's history), Michalis Kasapis, Refik Šabanadžović, and Vassilios Borbokis, dominated the Greek league through the 1990s with three successive Championship titles (1992, 1993, 1994). Temur Ketsbaia and Christos Kostis were later added to this group. AEK won the only Greek League Cup ever organised in 1990 (beating Olympiakos 3–2).
Originally an acronym of Video Audio Integrated Operation, this was amended to Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer in 2008 to celebrate the brand's 10th anniversary. The logo concept was created by Teiyu Goto, supervisor of product design from the Sony Creative Center in Tokyo. He incorporated many meanings into the logo and acronym: the pronunciation is similar to "bio", which is symbolic of life and the product's future evolution; it's also near "violet", which is why most early Vaios were purple or included purple components. Additionally, the logo is stylized to make the "VA" look like a sine wave and the "IO" like binary digits 1 and 0, the combination representing the merging of analog and digital signals. The sound some Vaio models make when starting up is derived from the melody created when pressing a telephone keypad to spell the letters V-A-I-O.