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Examples of "valbrevenna"
Casella borders the following municipalities: Montoggio, Savignone, Serra Riccò, Valbrevenna.
Crocefieschi borders the following municipalities: Busalla, Savignone, Valbrevenna, Vobbia.
Savignone borders the following municipalities: Busalla, Casella, Crocefieschi, Mignanego, Serra Riccò, Valbrevenna.
Vobbia borders the following municipalities: Busalla, Carrega Ligure, Crocefieschi, Isola del Cantone, Mongiardino Ligure, Valbrevenna.
Montoggio borders the following municipalities: Casella, Davagna, Genoa, Sant'Olcese, Serra Riccò, Torriglia, Valbrevenna.
Torriglia borders the following municipalities: Davagna, Lorsica, Lumarzo, Mocònesi, Montebruno, Montoggio, Neirone, Propata, Rondanina, Valbrevenna.
Valbrevenna borders the following municipalities: Carrega Ligure, Casella, Crocefieschi, Montoggio, Propata, Savignone, Torriglia, Vobbia.
Busalla, Crocefieschi, Fascia, Gorreto, Montebruno, Propata, Ronco Scrivia, Rondanina, Savignone, Torriglia, Valbrevenna, Vobbia.
Carrega Ligure borders the following municipalities: Cabella Ligure, Fascia, Gorreto, Mongiardino Ligure, Ottone, Propata, Valbrevenna, and Vobbia.
Valbrevenna is a "comune" (municipality) in the Province of Genoa in the Italian region Liguria, located about northeast of Genoa. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 764 and an area of .
The racial difference against the Chinese, the end of slavery in Brazil, and the civil war in the United States, saw the need to recruit a new group for doing the work to expand global trade and commerce. For investors in Northern European ports engaged in Atlantic Ocean commerce, this reality changed the source of labor to Southern Europeans, mostly Catholic. The next wave of cheap laborers also came from coastal provinces; but close to the Port of Genova in Italy. In the 1880s, these illiterate young men from the hillside villages of Valbrevenna signed contracts as "bracianti" with shipping companies for passage to work in Napa County silver mines at Knoxville, Oat Hill, the Sierra foothills and on ranches in Uruguay-Argentina. In the history of Napa, the names of Arata, Banchero, Borreo, Rossi, Navone, Bartolucci, Massa are surnames of many families who re-planted their roots as a separate community at "Spanish Town" around the St. John's Catholic Church, and Napa "Little Italy" on East First Street, Juarez, and Third Street.