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Examples of "valdir"
Valdir Ataualpa Ramirez Espinosa, usually known as Valdir Espinosa (born October 7, 1947 in Porto Alegre) is a Brazilian football (soccer) manager.
Valdir de Moraes Filho (born 15 March 1972), commonly known as Valdir Bigode, is a Brazilian former footballer who played as a striker.
Hugo Valdir Romão Cardoso (born 1 January 1984), known as Valdir, is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a left back.
The specific name honours the Brazilian zoologist Valdir Antônio Taddei.
Valdir Cruz (born 1954) is a Brazilian photographer.
Valdir is a given name, most commonly used in Brazil. It may refer to:
Soares is the grandson of Brazilian soccer star "Didi," Valdir Pereira.
Cerveny studied painting and drawing with Valdir Sarubbi and etching with Selma Daffré, two Brazilian masters.
Born in Araraquara, Valdir began playing football with local side Associação Ferroviária de Esportes.
"Delicado" is a popular song published in 1952 with music by Valdir Azevedo and lyrics by Jack Lawrence.
Valdir was a participant at 1991 Copa América in Chile and capped 3 times for the Brazilian national team between 1991.
Despite threats of open warfare by Valdir Ridenow, Rinaldo thinks it’s more important to impose the "cristoforo" religion on all of Darkover.
The inaugural match was played on February 10, 1996, when São Paulo beat América (SP) 3–2 in front of 17,585 people. The first goal of the stadium was scored by São Paulo's Valdir.
The reserve was created by Rondônia governor Valdir Raupp in response to illegal and predatory pressure on forest areas occupied by traditional populations, causing irreversible loss of plant resources and wildlife and exacerbating social conflicts.
A prolific striker, Valdir is the twelfth highest goalscorer of Vasco da Gama, with 135 goals in 267 matches, while also being a part of Atlético Mineiro history with 57 goals in 111 appearances.
Danilo Syrtis-Ardais and Mikhail Lanart-Hastur are kidnapped from Comyn Castle by Valdir Ridenow. Ridenow demands that Regis abdicate in favor of Rinaldo. Threatened with Danilo’s death by torture, Regis agrees.
Valdir Azevedo or Waldir Azevedo (January 23, 1923 in Rio de Janeiro – September 21, 1980 in São Paulo) was a choro conductor and performer, considered to be the most successful musician of this genre.
Valdir Raupp (born August 24, 1955) is a Brazilian politician. He has represented Rondônia in the Federal Senate since 2003. Previously, he was governor of Rondônia from 1995 to 1999. He is a member of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party.
Valdir Benedito (born October 25, 1965) is a retired Brazilian football player who played for Atlético Paranaense (Brazil), Atlético Mineiro (Brazil), Cruzeiro (Brazil), Internacional (Brazil) and Kashiwa Reysol (Japan).
In December 2013, it was announced that Stinson signed a four-fight deal with World Series of Fighting. He made his debut on January 18, 2014 against Valdir Araujo at and won via TKO in the third round.