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Valerio Zanone - Fondazione Luigi Einaudi onlus website
Unione Sportiva Valerio was formed as a Sunday league club in 1985 and was named after its founder Nicola Valerio.
"Works by Valerio Ciccone", Pinacotheca, Melbourne, 1996
General Fernando Valerio Gil was born in 1806 in Sabana Iglesia, in the parish of Santiago. Described as white and blue-eyed, Valerio was born in a family of Spanish ancestry. His parents were Narciso Valerio and Elena Gil Tineo. Valerio married his second cousin Petronila Suriel Fernández (1801–1908), with whom he begot 7 children. He also had offspring with other two women, with María Ignacia Gómez had two children and with Eduviges Peña had four children.
Valerio or Valério is a male given name in several languages, derived from the Roman surname "Valerius", which itself is derived from the Latin verb "valere" - "to be strong". "Valerio" also appears as a family name or surname. Valerio is a relatively common given name in Italy, while its incidence is less common in the Spanish and Croatian Sprachraum. The Portuguese form of the name is Valério. The form of Valerio is Valeriu in the Romanian language.
Mike Valerio is an award-winning writer, producer, director, and executive in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. Valerio has worked on over a hundred TV shows, films, documentaries, and mini-series and over a dozen television networks and entertainment companies. Valerio is most famous for his 1999 film "Carlo's Wake".
Valerio graduated from Rhode Island College in 1980 and began his career as producer of PM Magazine in Providence, Rhode Island at WJAR-TV. Valerio has since worked as a writer/ director/ producer & creative executive at companies including NBC, CBS, ABC, Warner Bros., Fox, Disney, Telepictures, and ABC Family. Mike Valerio died due to heart failure on March 17, 2010.
On 13 July 2013, he joined Udinese with Valerio Verre.
Valerio used a common way of holding down breasts known as binding. Valerio used a posture belt up around the chest to give the appearance of a manly chest. In MAX, Valerio talks about his experience of perceptual, emotional and physical change with testosterone. Filmed in New York City in the early 90's, the film is a groundbreaking exploration of trans male experience.
Face B : Ma prière (Roby Facchinetti, Patrick Loiseau, Valerio Negrini)
(Members) Pete Guerra. Roy Guerrero. Rene Valerio. Carlos Espinoza.
"Valerio Ciccone", Arts Project Australia Gallery, Melbourne, 2014
Valerio Magrelli (born 1957, Rome) is an Italian poet.
"Works on Paper by Valerio Ciccone", Pinacotheca, 1994.
Married with Daniela and the father of Valerio and Giorgia.
"Valerio Ciccone": Peripheral Observer, Arts Project Australia Gallery, Melbourne, 2012
Ingrid Elisabeth di Valerio, board representative for Tekna
Valerio went to an Endocrinologist to obtain the hormones with the letter from the counselor. Max Valerio then went through a number of physical and psychological tests to obtain the hormones. But Valerio knew he had made the right choice when the Endocrinologist asked "which way are you going".
Raúl Valerio (born Raúl Reyes-Valerio) was born in the town of Zinacatepec, in the Mexican state of Puebla where he learned to speak both Spanish and Nahuatl. He attended the local primary school "Ignacio Zaragoza", also attended by his brother Constantino Reyes-Valerio.
Winner: Squibb Cantù (Italy) Pierluigi Marzorati, Antonello Riva, Bruce Flowers, Charles Kupec, Denis Innocentin, Giorgio Cattini, Fausto Bargna, Renzo Bariviera, Umberto Cappelletti, Eugenio Masolo, Antonio Sala, Giuseppe Bosa, Valerio Fumagalli, Marco Martin (Head Coach: Valerio Bianchini)