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Ida Valeton (born "Meggendorfer", 26 May 1922 – 4 April 2016) was a German scientist. She was head of the sediment petrographic lab at the geological and paleontological institute of the University of Hamburg. Additionally, she was visiting professor at several sites.
Of his maternal grandfather, Estienne Bellanger, "Financial Controller of the Parisian general revenue" ("« contrôleur des finances en la recette générale de Paris »"), and of his background, we know almost nothing. We know more about his wife, Catherine Millet, whose father, Guillaume II Millet, Lord of Caves, was secretary of the King's finances, and whose grandfather, Guillaume I Millet (149?-1563), qualified in medicine in 1518, was doctor to three kings in succession (Francis I, Henry II and Francis II). He married Catherine Valeton, daughter of a property tax collector from Nantes, Audebert Valeton, who, accused of involvement in the Affair of the Placards, was "burned alive on wood taken from his house" on 21 January 1535 at the crossroads of "la Croix du Trahoir" (the intersection of the Rue de l'Arbre-Sec and the Rue Saint-Honoré), in front of the "Pavillon des singes", where Molière lived almost a century later.
With the summer ending, Alice and Andrew head back to Valeton and Alice begins to relive "The Odyssey". The relationship, however, is very strained; the events of North and South have created a clear rift. They manage to get back to school, but it is unclear whether or not they have weathered the storm. Once back at school, Alice learns that the subletters who took over the apartment for the summer refuse to leave. She and Cara devise a very Odysseus-like plan to trick them out of the house: they're going to throw a huge party. At the party, Andrew lets it slip that he submitted Alice's stories to magazines using his father's name. Alice is visibly angry and uses her sexuality to coerce a fellow student, Brad, to help displace the subletters.
Silkville—which went under myriad different names, including Kansas Cooperative Farm, Prairie Home, and Valeton—was intended to be a Fourierian utopian commune that survived via silk production, and Boissière planted thousands of mulberry trees so that his silkworms could survive. Boissière initially structured the system so that remuneration was based on the proportion of production for each settler, and, upon its founding, 40 French emigrants settled at the colony, each paying 100 dollars to be a part of the commune. In 1875, Charles Sears, a friend of Boissière's, moved to Silkville, and his arrival was a boon for the settlement's sericulture. The following year, Boissière's silk was lauded at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. Despite this critical reception, Silkville struggled to make money, largely because it was competing with comparatively cheaper fabrics imported from Asia, and because Boissière refused to use cost-effective American dyes.
After a small hiatus during which the crew raised funds for "Books 8+", Alice and Andrew returned in "Walden". Alice and the unseen cameraman, Nathan, pressure Andrew into starting the project again and they do so on a camping trip. There, they run into Marcus who explains the merits of 'living off the land'. Alice and Andrew then pack up and head to Andrew's parents' house, where they will stay while Alice interns at Crestview Publishing. She begins living "North and South" while struggling to accept Andrew's father's business models for his publishing firm. She also has trouble finding another magazine to publish more of her work. By the end, Alice is disheartened with her boyfriend's family, her writing, the publishing industry, and Andrew. During the same time, Cara and Lily are documenting their internship and experiences in Los Angeles on "Musica Mundana", a Classic Alice spinoff. They too have relationship issues, but they work their problems out by communicating. They head home to Valeton with their characteristically strong camaraderie.
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