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despina              tamta              vissi              voskopoulos              aslanidou              hatzigiannis              mazonakis              olympiou              theodoridou              sakis              rouvas              tolis              protopsalti              kokkinou              remos              parios              garbi              erotas              alkistis              karvelas              treli              evridiki              eleftheria              parafora              einai              kazantzidis              arvanitaki              paparizou              apopse              argise              martakis              megales              natassa              onirama              kalomira              kalimera              stavento              kouinelis              melisses              theiopoulos              giannatsoulia              gonidis              kapetanidis              tsotou              tsaligopoulou              alexiou              marinella              hadjinasios              sotia              sarbel             

Examples of "vandi"
Greek singer Despina Vandi was born in Tübingen, although her family moved back to Greece when Vandi was six years old.
MAD Secret Concerts: Despina Vandi Live is the fourth video album by Greek singer Despina Vandi, released in 2006 by Heaven Music in Greece and Cyprus.
The Very Best of Despina Vandi is a compilation album by Greek singer Despina Vandi, released in 2005 by record label EMI in Turkey.
For the promotion of the album, Vandi gave a series of radio interviews leading up to its release. In June 2010, Vandi performed "Kommati Ap' Tin Kardia Sou" as well as a snippet of "Koritsi Prama" at the MAD Video Music Awards. Vandi also gave an exclusive interview on "Dromos FM" on 17 June and on "Sok FM" on 30 June 2010.
Despina Vandi has won one award from one nomination.
Despina Vandi has won one award from one nomination.
Vandi is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Greek Hits: Giorgos Mazonakis vs. Despina Vandi is the fifth video album by Greek singer Despina Vandi and her only video album in Ukraine, released in 2008 by Odyssey Company in Ukraine. It features videos of Despina Vandi and Giorgos Mazonakis, from the period 2003-2007.
These declarations of his were the main reason for the discontinuance of his on-stage collaboration with Despina Vandi, a result came after Vandi being deeply insulted, coming from an immigrant family.
Despina Vandi has won one award from one nomination.
Despina Vandi has won one award from one nomination.
Esena Perimeno (Greek: "Εσένα Περιμένω"; English: "I'm waiting for you") is the second studio album by Greek singer Despina Vandi. It was released in Greece in 1996 by Minos EMI and according to Despina Vandi it sold 18,000 copies.
Greatest Hits: 2001–2009 is a compilation album by Greek singer Despina Vandi, released in 2009 by her previous record label Heaven Music in Greece and Cyprus, after Vandi announced her departure from the label.
As all the other coaches, Despina Vandi was officially confirmed as a coach on December 5, 2013. A source in November, said "Despina Vandi is in talks with the heads of ANT1 in order to have her place in the panel finalized". She signed the contract for the first season in late November. However, she was rumored several times as a coach of the show since the show's first season was announced in August. ANT1 wanted Vandi to be in the show although Vandi had previously turned down propositions to join the judging panels of several shows such as the broadcaster's "The X Factor" as well as the "Greek Idol" and "Fame Story". In September 2013, it was reported that Vandi had a proposition along with Anna Vissi, who both are considered as "enemies", with the latter turning down the proposition for unknown reasons. However, it was later rumored that Vissi turned down to proposition due to Vandi being in the panel and said that she would only accept the proposition if the other coach was her ex-husband, Nikos Karvelas, which was impossible as Vandi had already signed her contract for the show. The teasers of the coaches were revealed on January 4, 2014 where the coaches were talked about the show with Vandi saying that she likes the idea of hearing and not seeing and that in the show it's only "the voice" that counts.
On 11 December, Vandi returned to the Greek nightlife, singing at club Politia in Thessaloniki alongside Goin' Through. On 12 December, Heaven Music, released the compilation "Despina Vandi – Greatest Hits 2001–2009". Vandi later performed at "Thalassa People's Stage" with the group "48 Ores". The show began on 15 April and lasted until July. Vandi later appeared on 14 March on "Chart Show", a show broadcast by Alpha TV where her certifications and sales figures were chronicled, ranking her in the 4th position among Greek female singers in the phonographic era.
"Destiny" is a song by Schiller, with vocals by Despina Vandi. It is included on Schiller's gold album "Sehnsucht". On February 22, 2008, "Sehnsucht" by German band Schiller was released in Germany by Sleepingroom, including many collaborations with international stars such as Despina Vandi with the song "Destiny" amongst them. It is the first international collaboration between Despina Vandi and German band Schiller. The song is written and produced by both Phoebus and Schiller.
After big scores during the 2005 and 2006, together with artists such as Despina Vandi, Elli Kokkinou, Thanos Petrelis, Giorgos Mazonakis and Victoria Halkiti, Phoebus composed the Christmas dance single "Kalanta" along with Despina Vandi. The single was once again used by TIM telecommunications for their 2006 Christmas campaign. After only two weeks from release date Phoebus and Vandi achieved a 2x platinum CD single.
"Stin Avli Tou Paradisou" and its re-release "Special Edition: Stin Avli Tou Paradisou", won Despina Vandi six awards over two years at Mad Video Music Awards. Τhe first three awards were given to Vandi at the 2005 awards while the second three were awarded at the 2006 awards. Having won three each year made Vandi the artist with the most awards at both award shows.
Lichtblick features collaboration with other international artists such as; Kate Havnevik, Mia Bergström, Anggun and Despina Vandi.
He is currently working on the Rajinikanth-starrer "Kabali" (2016), "Nibunan" (2016) and "Rukkumani Vandi Varudhu" (2016).