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Examples of "varnay"
Brünnhilde: Astrid Varnay; Siegfried: Bernd Aldenhoff; Hagen: Ludwig Weber; Alberich: Heinrich Pflanzl; Gunther: Hermann Uhde; Gutrune: Martha Mödl;
Brünnhilde: Astrid Varnay; Siegfried: Bernd Aldenhoff; Hagen: Ludwig Weber; Alberich: Heinrich Pflanzl; Gunther: Hermann Uhde; Gutrune: Martha Mödl;
"Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny": Teresa Stratas, Astrid Varnay, Richard Cassilly(MET, Recorded 1979)
After further study in Stockholm with Dr. Gillis Bratt, she pursued a career in opera and operetta in Norway. In 1919, she married her first husband Sigurd Hall and a year later gave birth to her only child, a daughter, Else Marie Hall. Later that year she signed up with the newly created Opera Comique in Oslo, under the direction of Alexander Varnay and Benno Singer. Varnay was the father of the famous soprano Astrid Varnay. Her ability to learn roles quickly was noted, as it often took her only a few days to do so. She sang Desdemona opposite Leo Slezak, Minnie, Amelia and other lesser roles at the Opera Comique.
Pauline Duvernay or Yolande Marie-Louise Duvernay or Yolande Marie Louise de Varnay (December 1812 – 2 September 1894) was a noted French dancer.
Althouse retired from the stage in 1945, after which he dedicated himself to teaching. Amongst his pupils were Richard Tucker, Eleanor Steber, Astrid Varnay, and Léopold Simoneau.
In 1948 Weigert left his post at the Met and returned to Europe with Flagstad and Varnay where he helped orchestrate a successful international launch to his wife's career, beginning with the Royal Opera House in London. In 1951 Varnay made an acclaimed debut at the Bayreuth Festival where she appeared annually for the next seventeen years. Weigert served on the musical staff of the Bayreuth Festival from 1951-1955.
She studied with Astrid Varnay to develop the seminal dramatic soprano roles of Wagner and Strauss (Ortrud, Brünnhilde, Isolde, Elektra, and Salome) and took master classes with Birgit Nilsson.
She studied at Oslo Conservatory of Music and graduated from the Norwegian College of Opera in Oslo in 1971. She has studied with the famous opera singers Astrid Varnay, Ingrid Bjoner and Aase Nordmo Løvberg.
Köhler is an honorary member of the Richard-Wagner-Verband of Saarland, besides Gwyneth Jones, Catarina Ligendza, Siegmund Nimsgern and Astrid Varnay. He is also an honorary member of the "Verband" in Wiesbaden and of the "Hessisches Staatstheater".
The opening performance at the opera took place on November 30, 1918. Benno Singer, the director at Tivoli, established and managed the opera after the decision was made on the venue's use. The establishment of a permanent opera in Oslo offered Norwegian opera singers an opportunity to develop in their home environment; among those that appeared at the Opera Comique was Kirsten Flagstad. During these three years, the Hungarian tenor Alexander Varnay (1889–1924), the father of Astrid Varnay, was the opera's artistic director. His wife, the coloratura soprano, Maria Yavor (1889–1976), also appeared at the opera.
In 1948, she made her debut at Covent Garden and in 1951 in Florence as Lady Macbeth. In that year she also made her debut at Bayreuth after Flagstad, who had declined the invitation to Bayreuth, recommended that Wieland Wagner engage Varnay. She sang at Bayreuth for the next seventeen years, and appeared regularly at the Metropolitan until 1956.
His recordings include "Die Meistersinger" (with Otto Wiener, 1963), "Die Frau ohne Schatten" (1963), "Siegfried" (conducted by Herbert von Karajan, 1968–69), "Ariadne auf Naxos" (conducted by Karl Böhm, 1969) and, from Bayreuth, "Parsifal" (with Irene Dalis as Kundry, led by Hans Knappertsbusch, 1962) and "Lohengrin" (with Anja Silja and Astrid Varnay, 1962).
In the 1980s and 1990s he interviewed a great many famous opera singers on German television, including Hans Hotter, Carlo Bergonzi, Otto Edelmann, Anja Silja, Astrid Varnay, Gundula Janowitz, Karl Ridderbusch, Birgit Nilsson, Irmgard Seefried, Martha Mödl, Gustav Neidlinger, Hans Hopf, Hans Sotin, Franz Crass and Josef Greindl. Many of these interviews can now be viewed on YouTube, in German.
The family moved to Argentina, then New York City, where her father died at age 35 in 1924. Two years later her mother married tenor Fortunato de Angelis and the family settled in New Jersey. Varnay had been studying to be a pianist but decided at age eighteen to become a singer and had intensive vocal lessons with her mother.
A collection of recordings from the Deutsche Oper am Rhein includes Leonore's aria "Abscheulicher! Wo eilst du hin?" from "Fidelio", the "Erzählung" of Sieglinde from "Die Walküre", and excerpts from a 1973 performance of "Elektra" with Schröder-Feinen in the title role and Astrid Varnay as Klytämnestra.
Kempe’s début at the Bayreuth Festspielhaus was in 1960. The Ring cycle he conducted there in that year was notable for multiple casting, with the role of Wotan split between Hermann Uhde and Jerome Hines, and Brünnhilde between Astrid Varnay and Birgit Nilsson.
He conducted opera at Covent Garden in London starting in 1951, and at the 1953 Bayreuth Festival (including an impressive Wagner Ring cycle now available on CD, starring Astrid Varnay as Brunnhilde). He also recorded a highly regarded Parsifal at Bayreuth, starring Martha Mödl as Kundry, in 1953, at the height of Mödl's brief prime.
In November 1979, "Mahagonny" debuted at the Metropolitan Opera in a John Dexter production conducted by James Levine. The cast included Teresa Stratas as Jenny, Astrid Varnay as Begbick, Richard Cassilly as Jimmy, Cornell MacNeil as Moses, Ragnar Ulfung as Fatty and Paul Plishka as Joe. The production was televised in 1979 and was released on DVD in 2010.
Votipka shared the stage with many artists on the occasions of their Metropolitan debuts: Marjorie Lawrence, Zinka Milanov, Rose Pauly, Eleanor Steber, Astrid Varnay, Robert Merrill, Victoria de los Ángeles, Hilde Gueden, Charles Anthony, Mattiwilda Dobbs, Nicolai Gedda, and Joan Sutherland.