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manthos              diamantis              lykourgos              vasileios              charalampos              christoforos              thodoros              kritikos              nikitas              vasiliadis              gerasimos              papantoniou              aggelos              mihalopoulos              symeonidis              stefanopoulos              kazakos              kitsos              grigorios              emmanouil              dimitriadis              dionysis              makridis              dimosthenis              anargyros              panagiotopoulos              fokas              labros              apostolis              philippos              nicolaos              kostantinos              vasilios              oikonomou              giorgios              aristeidis              thanassis              stefanidis              konstantaras              kalogeropoulos              sekeris              tryfon              stamatis              sinopoulos              roufos              koulis              valtinos              glezos              theofilos              papathanasiou             

Examples of "vasileiou"
Mari Vasileiou is a beauty queen who represented Cyprus in Miss World 2008 in South Africa.
Vasileiou or Vas[s]iliou () is a Greek surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Eleni Vasileiou (born 29 July 1974) is a Greek former basketball player who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics.
Alexandros Vasileiou (, 1760–1818) was a Greek merchant and scholar, one of the representatives of the modern Greek Enlightenment.
3.Βασιλείου Π. (Vasileiou P. ) - Το μοναστήρι της Τατάρνας (Tatarna's monastery) - Αθήνα (Athens) 1970 Σελίδες (pages) 41,43,124,169
Michael Vasileiou () was a Greek 19th-century merchant and benefactor. He was born in Ottoman occupied Gjirokastër, in modern Albania.
Stylianos Vasileiou (Greek: Στέλιος Βασιλείου; born 29 April 1991) is a Greek football player who currently plays for Levadiakos.
He was the brother of Alexandros Vasileiou, merchant, scholar and student of Adamantios Korais, a major figure of the Greek Enlightenment movement. Michael Vasileiou ran his trade business in Constantinople (modern Istambul), where he lived most of his life and succeeded in becoming one of the most successful businessmen among the members of the Greek community in the Ottoman capital.
From 1822 until 1825 Vasileiou was gradually promoted to the grades of deputy chiliarch, chiliarch and eventually taxiarch. He took part in the battles of Schimatari, the Siege of the Acropolis and of Marathon, but also in the campaign of Odysseas Androutsos in eastern Central Greece. Later, Vasileiou was appointed by Yannis Gouras in charge of levying the tithe in Attica, thus rekindling local rivalries of previous years.
He was born in Gjirokastër, Ottoman Empire (today's Albania). Vasileiou was one of many Greek merchants in the 18th-19th centuries that were involved in the fields of education and literature. A. Vasileiou played an essential role in the Greek Enlightenment movement. His contact with Adamantios Korais, a major figure of Greek literature at that time, was of unique importance for him, while he lived in Paris.
Meletis Vasileiou (, 1778–1826) from Chasia in Attica was a leader of the Greek War of Independence who contributed a lot to the organization of the revolutionary forces in Attica.
In May 1826 Meletis Vasileiou was murdered by his compatriots, who in the raid of Omer Pasha of Karystos in Attica rushed to declare their allegiance to him, due to a disagreement with the commandant of the Acropolis, Yannis Gouras.
Because of his trading businesses he lived in several cities throughout Europe: Amsterdam, Marseille, Lyon, Paris, Vienna, Trieste. In Trieste, he was also consul of the Ottoman Empire. He died in Trieste in 1818, a few days after declaring bankruptcy. His brother, Michael Vasileiou, was also a notable scholar and merchant living in Constantinople.
The remains of Lousoi have been found in 1897 by the archeologists Wilhelm Dörpfeld and Adolf Wilhelm, and have been excavated by the Austrian Archaeological Institute at Athens. The temple of Artemis and several buildings of the public centre of the town have been found. In 1928 the nearby villages Soudena Theotokou and Soudena Agiou Vasileiou were renamed Ano Lousoi and Kato Lousoi respectively.
In 1939, Vlahopoulou and AEK footballer Kostas Vasileiou eloped to Athens and were married. She began singing at the "Oasis" varieté show in the Zappeion gardens, where Mimis Traiforos presented his new work. In the winter of 1930-40, she sang at the World Theatre of Kostas Makedos on Panepistimiou Street.
Also important was the contribution of Andreas Vasileiou, who, before he became a guerrilla fighter, had caused a serious strike to the British Air-force. In particular, on November 26, 1957, he placed bombs and destroyed four Canberra bomber aircraft and a Venom pursuit plane. This sabotage is considered to have been the biggest one of the liberating fight.
With the outbreak of the revolution, he managed to get permission to recruit men by tricking the Ottoman authorities pretending being loyal to them. On the 18th of April 1821 in Kalamos in Attica he fought the Ottoman troops coming from Euboea. A few days later he led the attack against Athens. More specifically, in the night between the 25th and the 26th of April, 600 gunmen attacked the walls from the side between Agioi Apostoloi and the Boubounistra Gate and quickly managed to capture the entire city except Acropolis. During the summer of the same year, a serious dispute broke out between Vasileiou and the elders of Athens concerning the military leadership of Attica, after the arbitrary assumption of leadership by him on the 14 June. The next day, Vasileiou became the target of an assassination attempt while, probably in retaliation, rebels looted the house of an Athenian notable. The situation appeared to smooth temporarily after the intervention of Demetrios Ypsilantis and the dispatch of the Vasileiou and his men to Boeotia. However, later, he had a new conflict, this time with his compatriots, which according to one version, was triggered by the Athenian notables.
Major streets that cross this avenue include Mavrommateon, Spyrou Trikoupi, Valtinon, Vasileiou Voulgaroktonou, Charilaou Trikoupi, Ippokratous, Gkyzi, Koniari, Panormou and D. Soutsou Streets. The avenue features Egiptos Square and the forested Argentinis Dimokratias Square (meaning Argentine Republic) near the Argentine embassy. The Pedion Areos lies to the north in the west end of the avenue while Strefi Hill is to the south. The Ambelokipi metro line 3 station is near Panormou street on the eastern end of the Avenue.
In 1939, the Ministry of Press and Tourism assigned to Alexandra Paschalidou-Moreti and Dimitris Moretis the design of the Greek Pavilion for the New York World’s Fair. There they displayed a large wall painting of the artist Nikos Eggonopoulos. In that exhibition, as well as in other international exhibitions for which they designed pavilions, the two architects promoted notable Greek artists including Nikos Xatzikiriakos-Gkikas, Spiros Vasileiou, Gerasimos Steris, Nelly's, Voula Papaioannou.
Avramakis has performed and toured with some of Greece's well known artists: Vaso Hatzi, Vasilis Saleas, , Stamatis Gonidis, Zafeiris Melas, Rita Sakellariou, Doukissa, Tzeni Vanou, Antzela Dimitriou, Lefteris Pantazis, Yiannis Katevas, John Tikis, Giannis Vasileiou and Marinella. He has also performed with the very popular and very talented Turkish singer Ibrahim Tatlises when he appeared in Melbourne as a guest at "Nikos Greek Tavern" in the 1990s.