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plamena              tsvetelina              todorova              rimma              dimova              hristina              svitlana              vladislava              aleksandrova              dimitrova              rumyana              stanislava              anzhelika              sofiya              novikova              stoyanova              desislava              mladenova              svetla              kirilova              rositsa              oxana              frolova              vasilyeva              ilieva              filipova              yakovleva              liubov              reneta              alevtina              velichkova              vasilieva              guskova              kirillova              ignatova              alyona              valentyna              nataliia              ivanivna              natasa              mariia              nadezda              tsvetanka              antoaneta              angelova              fedotova              kasheva              bogdanova              nevena              tsvetkova             

Examples of "vasileva"
"Dasha Vasileva. Lover of private investigation "(together with Victoria Evseeva)
2000 Shona Illingworth, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Daniel Sturgis
"A lover of private investigation Dasha Vasileva - 3" (jointly with Victoria Evseeva)
Female role prize – to Evgeniya Vasileva for her role in Thumbelina;
since 2009, Vasileva has been appointed as head coach of the Azerbaijan Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation.
"A lover of private investigation Dasha Vasileva - 2" (together with Victoria Evseeva)
Irena Vasileva is from Sofia. She entered the house on Day 1 and was the twelfth evicted on Day 87.
Elitsa Vasileva (Bulgarian Cyrillic: Елица Василева) (born 13 May 1990 in Dupnitsa) is an international volleyball player from Bulgaria.
The party nominated Stefan Solakov as their presidential candidate in 2011 and Galina Vasileva as his running mate.
Mariana Vasileva-Toteva (, born July 06, 1974 in Bulgaria) is a rhythmic gymnastics trainer who is the Head coach of the Azerbaijan Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation.
The 8 shortlisted artists are: Wenqin Chen, Cinimod Studio, Paul Friedlander, Ryan Gander, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Tod Hanson, Nick Hornby (artist), Kenny Hunter.
Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva (born 1971, Kavadarci, Macedonia) is a Macedonian-born artist based in Brighton, UK. She has exhibited extensively and realised numerous commissions nationally and internationally, in gallery spaces, museums and within the public realm. Hadzi-Vasileva was selected by the Ministry of Culture to represent Macedonia at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013, with Ana Frangovska, curator at the National Gallery of Macedonia.
Lyubka Vasileva Rondova (), Ljubka Rondova or Lubka Rondova () was a Bulgarian folk singer best known for performing and recording many of the traditional songs from Macedonia as a folklore region.
She has represented CSKA Sofia and also played in the Italian, Brazilian, South Korean, and Turkish top level leagues. In December 2013, during her time in South Korea, Vasileva achieved 57 points in a single match, setting a world record.
Vasilev is married to Silvia Antonova Vasileva and they have a daughter, Victoria. In addition to his native Bulgarian, he is fluent in English, Russian and Hungarian. Probably, Vasilev is a Rotarian.
Svetlana Vasileva is a former participant of the Bulgarian version of Playboy Playmate, Miss Playmate 2009 Bulgaria, finished second place. She entered the house on Day 1 and was the eighth evicted on Day 58.
The book was translated into Bulgarian by Lina Vasileva and published by Georgi Bakalov publishing house (bul. "Цилиндърът на ван Троф"). Helena Stachová was an author of Czech translation (cz. "Vynález profesora van Troffa"). Both were released in 1983.
TV Nova is a new television channel in Macedonia that started to operate on February 1, 2016, The channel is stationed in Skopje and the chief editor of the news is Biljana Vasileva Trendafilova.
The second storey mainly features contemporary Bulgarian painters, such as Nikola Manev, Vesa Vasileva, Encho Pironkov, Georgi Bozhilov, but also the oldest painting in the gallery, a 17th-century work by an unknown French author, as well as a painting by Vienna Secession artist Josef Bauer.
In 2007 Operosa released a recording named “Perle” under the label Orpheus Music. It features works by W.A. Mozart, G. Rossini, G.F. Handel, A. Vivaldi and Giulio Caccini performed by the Sofia Symphonic Orchestra together with conductor Nayden Todorov, mezzo-soprano Katherine Haataja, guitar by Rosen Balkanski and harpsichord by Magdalena Vasileva.