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India census, Vasna Borsad INA had a population of 9000. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Vasna Borsad INA has an average literacy rate of 57%, lower than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 63%, and female literacy is 49%. In Vasna Borsad INA, 17% of the population is under 6 years of age.
Mr Bhavik Parekh is the present principal of the Vasna CBSE branch.
Bright School is housed in five buildings (three at Karelibaug and two at Vasna).
Vasna was the eponymous seat of a princely state. Under the British raj, it was a Fifth class non-salute state in the colonial Mahi Kantha Agency.
Besides Adalaj, the Trimandirs also exist at Rajkot, Bhuj and Godhra. In addition, medium sized Trimandirs also exist at Chalamli, Bhadran, Vasna and various other places.
Another group who share the same beliefs with the Gadi Sansthan is the Swaminarayan Mandir Vasna Sanstha (SMVS). The group's founder is Devnandandas Swami.
Shah is currently in charge of BJP Anand district.Shah is Municipal Councillor of Vasna, and a Syndicate Member in Gujarat University.
Abvel Pin Code is 387650 and Post office name Abvel. Other villages in Post Office (387650,) are Bhoja Na Muvada, Abvel, Nirmali, Telnar, Vyas Vasna.
Vasna (Borsad INA) (sometimes spelled Wasna) is a town and an Industrial Notified Area of the Borsad municipality in Anand district in the Western Indian state of Gujarat.
The Vasna Sports club is also well known community for cricket lovers. It arranges day and night tournament every year. This promotes community solidarity and community awareness.
Azam and Muazzam Khan's Tomb or Azam Khan and Muazzam Khan's Roza is a medieval brick tomb in Vasna, Ahmedabad, India.
Swaminarayan Mandir Vasna Sanstha also known as Shreeji Maharaj no Vahalo Samaj or SMVS is an organization within the Swaminarayan Faith which propagates the preaching and teaching of Swaminarayan.
His another temple is located at Vasna, Ahmedabad, Gujarat where people are coming with their newly born child to have blessings of Khatushyam. Here he is known as Baliya Dev.
Nearby villages are Shihora (2.391 km), Zanzari (2.281 km), Lalpur (2.406 km), Zanda (2.798 km), Moti Zer (3.656 km), Aboch (3.765 km), Lal Mandva (4.427 km), Vyas Vasna (4.884 km),
Sadra was a military post during Mughal period and was known as Islamabad. The village was under Vasna State during British period and served as the headquarters of the Mahi Kantha Agency. When, in 1821, the Mahi Kantha Agency was established, a piece of land near the village was rented from the Vasna Thakor for a station. In the ground was a small fort said to have been built by Ahmed Shah I (1411-1443), when he built the fort of Ahmednagar in 1426.
Vasna has recently had proper sewage system put in place as well as having the most reliable mains power supply for a village. Other Chovis gam territories don't have solid paving, even to this date, but Vasna, due to its overseas NRI population amounts, have had funding in place to provide this facility throughout the main parts of the village. The village is extremely clean compared to neighbouring villages and towns due to its people understanding the value of maintaining a cleaner environment around themselves.
It improves environment by reducing erosion of the banks and flooding of low-lying areas of the city by the walls constructed on the both banks. The new integrated sewage and storm-water system intercepts 38 former sewage and industrial effluent discharge points and route it to sewage treatment plants south of Vasna Barrage. Thus it reduced the water pollution in the river. The water level in the river is retained through Vasna Barrage and the losing water is replenished by the Narmada Canal. It enabled the groundwater recharge and the recreational facilities like boating in the river. There are also plans to replenish river by treated sewage water.
SAS "Tafelberg" started life in 1958 as the Danish tanker "Annam" in the service of the East Asiatic Company in Copenhagen. She was one of four similar ships commissioned at the time, and was named by the local Thai ambassador's daughter Vasna Virajakar. British Petroleum leased her for five years.
The architecture of the complex is credited to Azam and Muazzam Khan; two Persian brothers who are buried in the tomb near Vasna, Ahmedabad. The complex was originally spread over 72 acres, surrounded by elaborate gardens on all sides. Over time, human settlements came around it, eating into the gardens and reducing the area to 34 acres.