Synonyms for vasylyovych or Related words with vasylyovych

mykolayovych              anatoliyovych              mykhailovych              serhiyovych              oleksandrovych              ivanovych              petrovych              andriyovych              viktorovych              volodymyrovych              semenovych              dmytrovych              mykhaylovych              matviychuk              valeriyovych              kostyantyn              valentyn              serhii              vasylovych              yosyp              vasyliovych              yuriyovych              oleksiyovych              yukhym              valeryevich              stanislavovich              danylchenko              kostiantyn              yehor              stepanovych              vladyslav              hryhoriy              yakiv              andrii              naydenov              vyacheslavovich              ihnatenko              valentinovich              borysovych              vyacheslavovych              pavlovych              leonidovych              olexiy              vitalii              lytvynenko              yosypovych              mykolaiovych              hennadiy              vadimovich              lytovchenko             

Examples of "vasylyovych"
Yevhen Vasylyovych Pokhlebaev (; ; born 25 November 1971 in Poltava) is a retired Ukrainian football midfielder.
Yuriy Vasylyovych Solod (, born 27 April 1972 in Krasnyi Kut) is a Ukrainian businessman and politician.
Andriy Vasylyovych Ivanov () (October 28, 1888—June 10, 1927) was a Russian-Ukrainian, Communist Party activist.
Serhiy Vasylyovych Shevchenko (; born 4 March 1958) is a former Soviet striker and a Ukrainian coach.
Yuriy Vasylyovych Istomin (, , "Yuriy Vasilyevich Istomin"; 3 July 1944 – 6 February 1999) was a Soviet Ukrainian footballer.
Oleksandr Vasylyovych Butko (; born 7 October 1957) is a Ukrainian journalist, editor and TV manager. He is the CEO of the TV channel Tonis.
Roman Vasylyovych Maksymyuk (; ; born 14 June 1974 in Bytkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast) is an Ukrainian retired professional footballer and current football manager.
Oleksiy Vasylyovych Velychko (; born March 30, 1954) is an assistant coach. He was a temporary manager for Hoverla in 2015 after the resignation of Vyacheslav Hroznyi.
Yaroslav Vasylyovych Lesiv (, 3 January 1945, Luzhki, Dolyna Raion – 10 October 1991, Bolekhiv) was a Ukrainian poet, priest, and member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group.
Mykola Vasylyovych Fomin (born in 1909 in Kharkiv; died in 1974 in Kharkiv) was a Soviet football player. He was a brother to Volodymyr and Kostiantyn Fomins.
Alexei Scala (, "Aleksei Vasylyovych Skala"; born 12 April 1965 in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi) is a former Moldovan football player of Ukrainian descent.
Leonid Vasylyovych Haidarzhy (; born 20 May 1959 in Dmytrivka, Tatarbunary Raion) is a Soviet and Ukrainian retired footballer and Ukrainian manager.
Ivan Vasylyovych Mykolaichuk () (15 June 1941, Chortoryia, Ukrainian SSR – 3 August 1987) was a Ukrainian soviet actor, producer, and screen writer from Ukraine.
Panas (Opanas) Vasylyovych Fedenko (born 1893, Veseli Terny (today part of Kryvyi Rih), d. 1981 in Munich) was a Ukrainian politician and historian.
Valentyn Vasylyovych Sylvestrov (; born 30 September 1937 in Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union) is a Ukrainian composer and pianist of contemporary classical music.
Volodymyr Vasylyovych Kovalyuk (, born on 3 March 1972 in Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR) was a professional Ukrainian football defender and midfielder who has previously played for Karpaty Lviv, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, Dynamo Kyiv and FC Shakhtar Donetsk.
Valeriy Vasylyovych Malikov (; born 30 March 1942 in Mariupol, Nazi Germany occupation – 31 December 2016) is a Ukrainian statesman, and former Head of the Security Service of Ukraine (1994–1995).
Viktor Vasylyovych Poltavets (; 1925 - 2003) was a Soviet and Ukrainian artist, Merited Art Worker of Ukraine (visual, 1974), National Artist of Ukraine (visual, 1984), member of the National Society of Artists of Ukraine (1952).
Oleh Vasylyovych Kazmyrchuk () (born on 4 December 1968) was a Kyrgyzstani and Ukrainian footballer who was a midfielder for FC Akzhayik Astana. He was a member of the Kyrgyzstan national football team, earning two caps in 1992.
Yuriy Vasylyovych Stolyarchuk (born 8 September 1962, Tetiyiv, Ukraine) is the state Counsellor of Justice of the 3rd class, deputy of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine since 1 April 2015.