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Examples of "vaule"
The next year became victorious when the club finally promoted after qualification against Odda and Flekkefjord, the same year the club celebrated their 50th anniversary. The team could not meet the expectations the following year, but was back in 3rd division only one year later. The club had an excellent youth team with players which would make an impact on the club in the years to come, like Peder Skårland, Gaute Engstrøm and Kåre Sivertsen. In addition, Sverre Kristian Vaule made the team.
The current average value in Layer Breton in March 2017 is £564,891. This has decreased 0.03% from December 2016. Terraced properties sold for a current average value of £273,706 and semi-detached properties valued £342,126. In the past year property prices in Layer Breton have increased 5.80%. This is according to the current Zoopla estimates. 20 years ago the average house price was £298,998 the change of vaule has increased by £425,842, ten years later the average house price increased to £318,337 and 5 years later it increased to £359,000. In the past 3 months the average house price has decreased slightly by £179.
Ålgård is one of the largest football clubs in Rogaland in regarding to members and has many teams in the youth department. This has made it possible to produce enough talents to keep the club in the 2nd division. After Bryne FK was promoted to Norways highest division in 1975, many players have been transferred to the club from Jæren. Bryne lies only 16 km from Ålgård. Players like Birk Engstrøm, Kåre Sivertsen, Sverre Kristian Vaule, Rune Medalen, and Jørgen Rangnes have played for Bryne in the highest division. Engstrøm also have one cap for Norway.