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randaberg              spjelkavik              vardeneset              grovfjord              kopervik              polarstjernen              ulefoss              brumunddal              follebu              vormsund              skarphedin              drangedal              jevnaker              finnsnes              opphaug              hasselvika              funnefoss              finstadbru              tromsdalen              aurskog              klepp              tverrelvdalen              vindbjart              geithus              frogn              vardal              silsand              lyngdal              nidelv              stathelle              surnadal              sunndal              clausenengen              nybergsund              heddal              norild              ulfstind              malvik              morild              strindheim              rindal              vadmyra              ishavsbyen              sykkylven              medkila              braatt              bossekop              verdal              stryn              skiens             

Examples of "vaulen"
Vaulen Idrettslag is a Norwegian association football club from Stavanger.
Although the borders of "neighbourhoods" ("delområder") do not correspond exactly to the borough borders, Hillevåg roughly consists of the following neighbourhoods: Ullandhaug, Vaulen, Kvalaberg, Tjensvoll, and Bekkefaret.
Although the borders of "neighbourhoods" ("delområder") do not correspond exactly to the borough borders, Hinna roughly consists of the following neighbourhoods: Jåtten, Gausel, Godeset, Forus, and southern Vaulen.
The Nerlandsøy Bridge () is a bridge that crosses the Søre Vaulen strait between the islands of Bergsøya and Nerlandsøya in the municipality of Herøy in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway.
Neighborhoods include Byhaugen, Old Stavanger, Bekkefaret, Bergjeland, Eiganes, Forus, Gausel, Godeset, Indre Tasta, Jåtten, Johannes, Kampen, Kvalaberg, Kvernevik, Madlamark, Nylund, Øyane, Paradis, Stokka, Sunde, Tjensvoll, Ullandhaug, Våland, Varden, Vaulen, and Ytre Tasta.
The Remøy Bridge () is a bridge from connecting the islands of Leinøya and Remøya in the municipality of Herøy in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The bridge carries the county highway 18 over the Nordre Vaulen strait.
The men's football team currently plays in the Third Division, the fourth tier of Norwegian football. The team had a long stints in the Third Division from 2001 to 2010 and again from 2013 to 2015. After winning its group in 2002, Vaulen even contested a playoff to the 2. Divisjon, but lost, and was not promoted.
Vaulen is a neighborhood ("delområde") in the city of Stavanger in Rogaland county, Norway. It is located along the Gandsfjorden in the boroughs of Hillevåg and Hinna. The neighborhood has a population of 6,039 which is distributed over an area of .
After the Ofoten Line, the Jæren Line was the first line in Norway to receive centralized traffic control, which was taken into use on 20 March 1964. The section from Sandnes to Egersund followed suit on 7 July. In 1966, 18 stations were closed, consisting of Maurholen, Vatnanot, Stokkaland, Hogstad, Stavnheim, Odland, Dysjaland, Kvia, Tårland, Gjerdo, Vardheia, Laland, Engjelsvåg, Orstad, Skjæveland, Lura, Luravika and Vaulen. During the 1970s, El 14 locomotives were gradually introduced on both freight and passenger trains.
De Lanlay came to Viking from Vaulen as a 15-year-old. He became a part of Viking's talent programme, under the leadership of Gary Goodchild. Here he also played with his 3-year older Brother Even de Lanlay. He was also conscidered a substantial talent, but had to cut down due to a knee injury. Yann-Erik was picked for the first team squad ahead of the 2010 season and made his first team debut 17 October 2010 against Odd Grenland. During the winter of 2011 de Lanlay began playing regularly for the first team, and he scored his first goal against Fredrikstad in a 2–0 victory.
The club remained at the 3rd level of Norwegian football from 1988 through twelve consecutive seasons before the club ended last in 1999. Ålgård lost many players to other teams in the 90s, Rune Medalen (Viking), Jørgen Rangnes (Bryne), Pål Endre Oftedal (Bryne), Tord Oftedal (Bryne), Arne Eigil Aksnes (Bryne), Odd Arne Tjåland (Bryne) and Knut Terje Stava (Sandnes) among others. But the team won 3rd division in their first season, became regional champions, but lost qualification matches against FK Jerv and Sandnes Ulf. Ålgård was promoted after defeating Vaulen IL in 2002, 6–2 at home and 2–2 away in Stavanger. Following the promotion the club has many times struggled against relegation, but has so far secured their place in 2nd division.
De Lanlay was born in Norway to a French father and Norwegian mother, and is therefore eligible to play for both countries. He began playing football for Vaulen IL when he was five years old. Already then he stood out with his great technique. It was early noticed his ability to escape tricky situations with his exceptionall ball handling. At the age of 8 he was already noticed by the local press who were reporting on a local indoor tournament. In 2006, he was picked for Statoil's football academy, where he played with Hulls Markus Henriksen, Moldes Ruben Gabrielsen and ex-team mate Christian Landu Landu. After having great success for his team he was during the summer of 2007 picked up by Viking FK.
The zero marker for the line is located at Stavanger Station, which is from Oslo Central Station and located above mean sea level (AMSL). Previously there was a branch just south of the station which ran through a long tunnel before reaching the port. Southwards from Stavanger, the route largely runs along the waterfront, hugging Gandsfjorden. The first station after Stavanger is Paradis Station ( from Stavanger Station). The line runs past the closed Hillevåg Station and a closed spur to an industrial area at Mariero before reaching Mariero Station (). The line continues past the closed Lyngnes Station, a closed spur to Sørbø Trelast and the closed Vaulen Station. After passing the closed Hinna Station and the closed Jåttå Station, which was exclusively used to serve matches and concerts at Viking Stadion, the line immediately afterwards reaches Jåttåvågen Station (), which also serves the stadium and the newly redeveloped area of Jåtten.