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rahasyam              kalloori              kaattu              haalu              bagavathi              kudumba              sambhavam              moonnu              singari              manushyan              pattalam              veedhi              abhayam              puthu              chinthamani              kodathi              samudram              angadi              thamburan              manathe              kodalu              gaali              eradu              puthan              hennu              kottaram              snehicha              kuyil              varavu              kotta              nattu              thottam              swargam              maduve              anandha              paravaigal              cheriya              sukham              varam              aathi              nirangal              ayiram              iniyum              kaadu              sookshikkuka              banthu              mangalya              thavam              theru              makkalu             

Examples of "vayal"
It is believed that the name Vayala is derived from the Malayalam word "vayal" meaning "paddy field".
As the name suggest it is the "largest paddy field" ("Peru" means "plenty" and "vayal" means "paddy field" in Malayalam).
Maduravoyal name came from Madura+Vayal, Madura = Beautiful - Vayal = Entrance (மதுரா / மதுரம் = அழகிய+ வாயல் = மதுரவாயல்). So the meaning of the name Maduravoyal which means beautiful Entrance. There is no connection with Madurai in South Tamil Nadu nor the people who lives there.
Brahmasree Puthumana Govindan Namboothiri,resident of Puthumana Illam,Chemmattam Vayal,kanhangad is a famous and distinguished thitampu nritham artist (expert) at temples.
Type locality: "Travancore, [...] under a stone in the Muti-Kuli Vayal, a little valley on the Asamboo range (4,500 feet elevation)"
Palayathu Vayal is a name derived from the days of Pazhassi Kerala Varma, a king who raised a revolt against the English rulers for the first time in the history of Indian freedom struggle. It is believed that Thalakkal Chanthu, the Commander of Kurichya army, the principal force of the King used to train his men at this place. The name Palayam (meaning military camp in Malayalm) was later transformed to Palayathu Vayal.
Vayal is a 1981 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Antony Eastman and produced by MD Mathew. The film stars Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Sankaradi, Shubha and Cochin Haneefa in lead roles. The film had musical score by G. Devarajan.
Agriculture is the major occupation of people in this village. The most commonly grown crop is rice. The backwaters of the area are abundant with fish. There is a Primary School Name Fr.Philipose Memorial LP School. There is a Hospital, Laxmi Nursing Home (well known as Dr.Naveenan's hospital). This village has beautiful paddy fields and coconut farms. This is one of the very beautiful place in Kuttanadu area. Almost 98% peoples are well educated and around 45% working abroad (majority in the Middle East and Western countries). Agricultural is the major source of income.There is a church name lourd matha church and there is a publication name is vayal from vayal cultural forum.
The Thiruppavai also includes 3 thaniyans (literally, 'singletons' or stand alone verses) composed by later authors to introduce older texts. The first tanniyan, 'Nila tungastana...' in Sanskrit was composed by Parasara Pattar, and the next two tanniyans, 'Anna vayal pudhuvai...' and "Choodi kodutha..." (translated below) were composed by Sri Uyyakondar.
There were two other lands that belonged to the family which had connotations that they had once belonged to a lady of high social status. One such land was called ""Ammai Pangu""( the portion of the dower of the matriarch), and the other was named ""Alahiya Nachchiyar Vayal"" ( the field of the beautiful princess).
The region was known as Mayakshetra (Maya's land) in the earliest records. Mayakshetra evolved into Mayanad and finally to Wayanad.[1] The Folk etymology of the word says it is a combination of Vayal (paddy field) and Naad (land), making it 'The Land of Paddy Fields'. There are many indigenous tribals in this area.[2]
The village has several "oorani" (small tanks) and kanmai (vast spans of water storage) like Rayavaram Kanmai, Chettipatti Kanmai, Palayaoorni, Puduroorani and Nallanchetti Oorani, Olagankathan, Ponachi, Narayanan Chetti Oorani, Poochetti Oorani, Nalanchetti Oorani, Ayyanar kovl Oorani, Koththathi Kanmai, Kurunthangudi Kanmai, Ayungudi Kanmai, Aalangudi Kanmai and Valayan vayal Kanmai.
Thalassery Cricket Ground celebrated its 200th birthday in 2002 by hosting a match between the former cricketers of India and Sri Lanka. In 2008 a new stadium only for cricket was inaugurated in Conor Vayal near Venus Junction in Thalassery, as a project of the Kerala Cricket Association.
The region was known as Mayakshetra (Maya's land) in the earliest records. Mayakshetra evolved into Mayanad and finally to Wayanad. The Folk etymology of the word says it is a combination of "Vayal" (paddy field) and "Naad" (land), making it 'The Land of Paddy Fields'. There are many indigenous tribals in this area.
joins near Parakkadav. This streamlet reaches Irinav, where it is called Irinav puzha,at the mouth of which, a saline water regulator was constructed, connecting the islet of Madakkara. Recently, this is converted into a bridge. In the last century, Kolath vayal was totally paddy fields but now, it is almost totally transformed into coconut plantations.
The famous Pariyur Kondathu Kaliamman temple is 8 km from Savandapur. The other famous temples in and around are Karungaradu Murugan Temple, Arulmigu Selliandi Amman Temple, Arulmigu Poonthottathu Aiyan Temple,Arulmigu Vinayagar and Selva Mariamman Temple and Arulmigu Vayal Karuppsamy Temple.
It is about 8 km from Thanjavur on its western direction in Thanjavur-Budalur bus route. The village is surrounded with paddy fields.Two notable personalities lived here in recent years-Ponnusamy Udayar and Ramalingasamy Nattar .The village has a Pachayat office, Primary school and a library.Sometime back one Kalai vahanam ( Nandi ) was taken from a paddy field by government officials.This paddy field is still called Kalaivahana Vayal. It is said that such kind of kalaivahanams in stone are found
Poonoor town is in the peak of its growth from last seven years. The small but dense Poonoor town showed a spontaneous growth to the west till Peringalam Vayal and east up to Cheeni Mukku. Madathum Poyil road became the rush area being "room for all things", and with the relocation of GMUP School, a fast growth is expected towards south. The reconstruction of Pazhaya Palam (The old bridge) accelerated the business growth along Pazhaya Palam Road.
Pudukkaraipudur is a panchayat in Gobichettipalayam taluk in Erode District of Tamil Nadu state, India. It is about 5 km from Gobichettipalayam and 35 km from district headquarters Erode. The village is located on the road connecting Gobichettipalayam with Anthiyur. Pudukkaraipudur has a population of about 1,473. The famous Pariyur Kondathu Kaliamman temple is about 2 km from Pudukkaraipudur. The other famous temples in and around are Karungaradu Murugan Temple, Arulmigu Suyambu Makaliamman Temple and Arulmigu Vayal Karuppsamy Temple.
The town has four bus stations. New Bus Stand (1982) is the primary terminus. Inter-state buses to Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Mysore operate from there. KSRTC bus depot is located at Konor vayal. Passengers to Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram and Madurai depart from that station. KSRTC and private buses are available to Kodagu and Wayanad. Moffusil bus station is located near the New Bus stand. Town buses also originate from the Old bus stand in General Hospital Road.