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proconsulari              muzuca              honoriade              mattiana              thucca              thebaide              rapidum              cibaliana              iunca              claudiopolis              byzacena              diocaesarea              thinisa              sepino              attuda              dionysiopolis              mididi              traianopolis              milevum              septempeda              tarasii              hadrianopolis              rusadir              amantia              certinae              canatha              iubaltiana              germanicopolis              thamugadi              chullu              thennesus              turres              nuceria              abidda              mozotcori              aulon              atella              germaniciana              mactaris              syrorum              sitifis              opitergium              nociglia              pupiana              nerviorum              deultum              laranda              interamna              lomello              euripos             

Examples of "vegesela"
Vegesela in Byzacena was a Roman Era town tentitively identified with ruins at Henchir-Recba in modern Tunisia. The town was in the Roman province of Byzacena.
Aparicio was appointed an auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of Cuzco as well as titular bishop of Vegesela in Numidia on December 11, 1978. He was consecrated a bishop on March 4, 1979 by Cardinal Juan Landázuri Ricketts, O.F.M.
Ksar-El-Kelb is a location in Tunisia. The name means "Castle of the Dog", and was known in antiquity as Vegesela when it was an Roman Era Imperial estate and a station on the African Limes between Bagai and Theveste located at 7.48551 35.37199.
Mascula was built under Trajan and was garrisoned by the "7th company of Lusitanians". It was a castrum (with a nearby vicus) on the military road, that connected Theveste with Sitifis and that followed the slopes of the Aures mountains. Mascula was connected with the fortifications of Tinfadi, Vegesela, Claudi and Tliamugas. Mascula was the most important of these forts from a strategic point of view, because controlled the numidian access to the Sahara.
On July 6, 1982, Urosa was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Caracas and Titular Bishop of "Vegesela in Byzacena" by Pope John Paul II. He received his episcopal consecration on the following September 22 from Archbishop José Lebrún Moratinos, with Archbishops Domingo Roa Pérez and Miguel Salas Salas, CIM, serving as co-consecrators. Urosa was later named Archbishop of Valencia on March 16, 1990, and Archbishop of Caracas on September 19, 2005.