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mulankavil              adampan              vidattaltivu              kapalala              golejewo              alampil              kvasice              belabo              skrzeszew              wiyaluwa              avanduse              ngadirejo              penduha              kierzkowo              dworaki              petkovci              cikote              makobola              lewwanduwa              olumadu              thunukkai              hrabovets              songcun              dippitiya              faleasao              amagoro              alutnuwara              rakovice              jayanthipura              horodnia              dobki              sanchakou              orzeszkowo              olkhovatka              kalininabad              bronisze              kirillapone              balagolla              owczarki              przywodzie              gepai              thalangama              moyode              topolnica              kolakkuth              cuciulata              atulugama              holstre              podgradci              kwiatkowo             

Examples of "vellankulam"
Vellankulam is a small town in Sri Lanka. It is located within Northern Province.
The A 32 passes through Thirukethiswaram, Pallamadu, Illupaikadavai, Vellankulam, Pallavarayankattu, Chunnavil, Pooneryn and Arukuveli to reach Navatkuli.
On 2 August 2008 the Sri Lankan army captured the town of Vellankulam which was the last bastion of Tigers in the Mannar district. This marked the capture of the entire Mannar district by the Army which took eight months.
On 2 August 2008 the Sri Lankan army captured the town of Vellankulam which was the last bastion of Tigers in the Mannar district. This marked the liberation of the entire Mannar district by the Army which took eight months.
On 2 August 2008, Vellankulam town, the LTTE's last stronghold in Mannar District, fell to the advancing SLA troops, completing the eight-month effort to recapture the district. The Army followed this up by taking control of Mallavi on 2 September, following weeks of heavy military confrontation. The LTTE countered with a surprise attack on the Vavuniya air base on 9 September, in which both sides claimed victory.
Sporadic fighting had been happening in the North for months, but the intensity of the clashes increased after September 2007. Gradually, the defence lines of the LTTE began to fall. The advancing military confined the LTTE into rapidly diminishing areas in the North. Prabhakaran was seriously injured during air strikes carried out by the Sri Lanka Air Force on a bunker complex in Jayanthinagar on 26 November 2007. Earlier, on 2 November 2007, S. P. Thamilselvan, who was the head of the rebels' political wing, was killed during another government air raid. On 2 January 2008, the Sri Lankan government officially abandoned the ceasefire agreement. By 2 August 2008, LTTE lost the Mannar District following the fall of Vellankulam town. Troops captured Pooneryn and Mankulam during the final months of 2008.
Vaddukoddai, Vadduvakallu, Vadakadu, Vaddakkachchi, Vaddakkandal, Vaddukkoddai East, Vaddukkoddai West, Vairandakaddukulam, Vaiyakkarai, Vakkappaddankandal-Metpuliyankulam, Valaiyakadu, Valayanmadam, Valalai, Vallai, Vallan, Valliyappalai, Vallipuram, Valantalai, Valappadu, Valveddi, Valvettiturai, Valigramam, Vanchiyankulam, Vanchiyankulam Mavilankeni, Vankalai, Vankalaikkulam, Vannakulam, Vannakulam, Mannar, Vannakulam West, Vannamarutankulam, Vannamoddai, Vannankeni, Vannankulam, Vannankulam, Jaffna, Vannanpuliyankulam, Vannansinnakkulam, Vannarpannai, Vannarpannai North West, Vannarpannai South East, Vannarpannai South West, Vannivilankulam, Vannichchiyatidal, Vanniyanmadu, Vairava Pulo Kulam, Vannikulam, Varani, Varanilvattalai, Variveli, Vairavarpuliyankulam, Varuthalaivilan, Vasavilan, Vatharaveddai, Vattirayan, Vathiri, Vattappalai, Vavunikulam, Vavuniya, Vavuniyanperiyakulam, Vayittiyankudiyiruppu, Vedamakilankulam, Veddaiyadaippu, Veddayamurippu, Veddukkadu, Vedivaittakallu, Veeman Gramam, Viramanikkatevanturai, Velakulam, Velanai, Velankulam, Velankulam, Vavuniya, Velarchinnakkulam, Velikkandal, Velikkulam, Vellai, Vellalakaddu, Vellampakkaddy, Vellamullivaikal, Vellankulam, Vempootukeni, Veppankulam, Veppankulam South, Veravil, Vettilaikkerni, Vettaimakkalkudiyiruppu, Vidattalkaddusinnakulam, Vidattalpalai, Vidattaltivu, Vidaththal-Pazhai, Vidaththal-Munai, Vidaththal-kaddu chinnak-kulam, Vilan, Vilathikulam, Villamparuku, Vimankallu, Vira Manikkatevan Turai, Viyaddikkulam, Viyaparimulai, Viyayadippannai