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Examples of "veltheim"
Veltheim is a municipality in Germany. Veltheim may also refer to
Trotha married Anna von Veltheim (15 January 1877 - 8 August 1964) on 4 June 1902, the daughter of Fritz von Veltheim and Elizabeth von Krosigk.
Veltheim is a municipality in the district of Brugg in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland.
The village of Veltheim is designated as part of the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites.
Jukka Veltheim (born 18 June 1984) is a Finnish football player currently playing for FC Lahti.
He is the second son of Prince Wilhelm-Karl of Prussia and wife Armgard von Veltheim.
Veltheim was formerly a municipality of its own, but was incorporated into Winterthur in 1922.
It was formerly a part of Veltheim municipality, which was incorporated into Winterthur in 1922.
The settlements in the ara include Osterwieck, Hessen, Rhoden, Deersheim and Veltheim.
Veltheim is a district in the Swiss city of Winterthur. It is district number 5.
It was formerly a part of Veltheim municipality, which was incorporated into Winterthur in 1922.
Veltheim is a municipality in the district of Wolfenbüttel, in Lower Saxony, Germany.
The theory regarding the suicide of Barnato has also been tied to sinister later events. One of his heirs, Woolf Joel was shot and killed in his business offices in Johannesburg by a con-man named Karl Frederick Kurtze who went away with the name of Ludwig von Veltheim in 1898. In the trial for murder, von Veltheim hinted that he was supposed to be orchestrating a plot to kidnap Paul Kruger, President of the Transvaal Boer Republic, that Barnato and Joel were backing. The murder stemmed from blackmail against Joel, but von Veltheim claimed he was only seeking his promised payment. As a result, von Veltheim was able to get an acquittal from a Boer Jury (possibly due to anti-British and anti-Semitic feelings towards the deceased). It was suggested by Brian Roberts, in his book "The Diamond Magnates", that Barnato may have been approached by von Veltheim too, and unsettled by his physical threats and the possibility of exposure.
In 1952, Wilhelm-Karl married Armgard von Veltheim (born 17 February 1926). The couple had two sons and a daughter:
In 1794, he entered government's service in Brunswick. In 1797 he married Elisabeth von Veltheim, who bore him four children.
Edmund Veckenstedt (1840–1903) was an educator, ethnologist and folklorist who published many works, sometimes under the pseudonym Heinrich Veltheim.
Joel's brother Woolf Joel was murdered in Johannesburg in 1898, probably by a blackmailing con-man named Karl Frederic Moritz Kurtze going under the pseudonym of Ludwig von Veltheim. Although there was plenty of evidence that Veltheim had been threatening Woolf Joel, the defense was that Veltheim had not been properly compensated for planning a kidnap scheme against the Boer leader Paul Krueger. That, the all Boer jury, and the mixture of anti-British and anti-Semitic feelings towards the deceased enabled Veltheim to avoid conviction. Freed, he was immediately deported from the Boer territories. For the next decade, Veltheim was following a series of con-games in Europe, but in 1907, he turned up in London, and started making threatening demands against Joel, who reported him to Scotland Yard, and the police arrested Veltheim. There was a trial for extortion, and Veltheim used the same defense he had previously used in Johannesburg, but the British jury was unconvinced and found him guilty. He was sentenced to twenty years' imprisonment.
August Ferdinand von Veltheim (18 September 1741 Harbke – 2 October 1801. Braunschweig) was a German mineralogist and geologist, and came from the aristocratic family of . He was known as August Ferdinand Graf von Veltheim from 1798 after acquiring the title of 'Graf'.
Veltheim planned to write a treatise on the formation of the earth, but only managed to complete the first part, 'Etwas über die Bildung des Basalts' and which was published in Leipzig in 1787; a second edition appeared in 1789. Historically this was an important work since it correctly attributed granite to arising from volcanic processes. Veltheim broke with the Wernerian doctrine, then popular in German geological science. Veltheim published very few works, and even those had a small circulation. He was awarded an honorary doctorate in science from the University of Helmstedt in 1793.
Formed in 2008, with friends and now past members Zachary Veltheim on bass (from Barreto's previous band The Ohm) and Chad Voight on drums.