Synonyms for venusta or Related words with venusta

gracilipes              cincta              interrupta              debilis              eximia              cornuta              caliginosa              pygmaea              dimorpha              costata              insignis              calcarata              sinuosa              foveolata              arcuata              velutinus              reducta              amoena              atrata              costaricensis              consobrina              bipartita              tuberculata              dimidiata              coriacea              papuana              papillosa              angulatus              brunnescens              delicatula              tessellata              albomaculata              pulverulenta              disjuncta              decorata              limbata              perplexa              taeniata              extensa              tenellus              ventricosa              appendiculata              pulchella              rubida              colorata              robustum              virgata              complanata              confusa              mucronata             

Examples of "venusta"
"Melaleuca venusta" was first formally described in 1999 by Lyndley Craven in "Australian Systematic Botany". The specific epithet ("venusta") is from the Latin "venustus" meaning "lovely" or "charming".
"Drypetes oblongifolia", "Drypetes roxburghii" and "Drypetes venusta".
"Tareyaspis venusta" is similar in size and dimensions to "Pelaspis", but differs in ornamentation, and the shape of the posterior region of the cephalothoracic armor, which, in "T. venusta", has a dorsal spine.
"Caladenia venusta" was first formally described in 1991 by Geoffrey Carr and the description was published in "Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association Miscellaneous Paper 1". The specific epithet ("venusta") is a Latin word meaning "lovely", "beautiful", "elegant" or "graceful".
Sigara venusta is a species of water boatman in the family Corixidae in the order Hemiptera.
Of the numerous garden cultivars, 'Venusta' has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.
Esakiopteryx venusta is a moth of the Geometridae family. It is found in Taiwan.
Cardioglossa venusta is a species of frog in the Arthroleptidae family.
Triplophysa venusta is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus "Triplophysa".
The larvae feed on "Inga" species, including "I. densiflora" and "I. venusta".
The larvae feed on "Dimorphotheca venusta". They are attended by "Crematogaster" ants.
Phyllomedusa venusta is a species of frog in the family Hylidae, found in Colombia and Panama.
Alcaligenes venustus is a bacterium which has been reclassified to "Halomonas venusta".
Rodriguezia venusta is a species of orchid native to Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Brazil.
‘‘Thirmida’’ venusta is a moth of the Notodontidae family. It is found in Ecuador.
Lithophane venusta is a moth in the Noctuidae family. It is found in Taiwan, Japan and Nepal.
Ceralocyna venusta is a species of beetle in the Cerambycidae family. It was described by Martins & Galileo in 2010.
"Grevillea" 'Orange Marmalade' is a grevillea cultivar. It is a cross between "G. glossadenia" and "G. venusta".
Agnibesa venusta is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is found in India (Sikkim), Nepal and China.
"Melaleuca venusta" is classified as "not threatened" by the Government of Western Australia Department of Parks and Wildlife.