Synonyms for venustula or Related words with venustula

pallidula              reducta              consimilis              bastelberger              gibeaux              endroedyi              ceylonica              rambur              draudt              distinguenda              liturata              chevrolat              viettei              triangulifera              pictipennis              melobasis              dysgonia              dentifera              liebke              fenestrata              hypocala              consobrina              powelli              cincta              caliginosa              maliattha              grouvelle              obscurata              bifasciata              peringuey              laticollis              seyrigi              fumosa              interrupta              plagiata              costatus              disjuncta              distincta              seydeli              impressicollis              pingasa              motschulsky              colpodes              puncticollis              oncocera              zuphium              flavipennis              inquinata              dognin              flavicosta             

Examples of "venustula"
Antodice venustula is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Lane in 1973.
There is one subspecies : "Vexillum unifascialis affinis" (Reeve, 1844) and one forma : Vexillum (Pusia) unifasciale venustula (f) (Reeve, L.A., 1844)
Arene venustula is a species of small sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Areneidae.
Crocanthes venustula is a moth in the Lecithoceridae family. It was described by Turner in 1933. It is found in Australia, where it has been recorded from Queensland.
The Rosy Marbled ("Elaphria venustula") is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is found in most of Europe, except the north. In the east, the range extends through Asia to the Pacific Ocean.
The soils on this site are glacial sands and gravels over London clay, resulting in a mixture of woodland, heath and bog habitats. Blake's Wood is ancient woodland on a sloping site, with valleys and streams. The main trees are oak, together with other species such as hornbeam and sweet chestnut. There is a wide variety of birds, such as hawfinches and nightingales, and the underlayer is dominated by bluebells and primroses. The heath is being invaded by trees and bracken. Acid grassland is dominated by red fescue, and there are two rare moths, Deltote bankiana and Elaphria venustula.