Synonyms for versec or Related words with versec

vojvodinci              karavelovo              szabadka              nakovo              stepojevac              battonya              turska              zombor              zsombolya              biskupija              deszk              borova              jurbarkas              kudirkos              krstur              kupinik              kladovo              drenovac              dubrovytsia              nagybecskerek              jolsva              ljuta              komarno              varvarin              rudovci              bukovlje              krystynopol              kupinovo              estergon              itebej              lozitsa              gligorije              oceacov              voivodina              eperjes              martinci              viljevo              naujieji              vladimirci              algoritam              banatska              jagodnjak              komitat              neuzina              deronje              esseg              magyarkanizsa              zhydachiv              vijeku              krsta             

Examples of "versec"
In Serbian, the city is known as Вршац or "Vršac", in Romanian as "Vârșeț", in Hungarian as "Versec" or "Versecz", in German as "Werschetz", and in Turkish as "Virșac" or "Verşe".
Simon Sidon or Simon Szidon (1892 in Versec, Kingdom of Hungary – 27 April 1941, Budapest, Hungary) was a reclusive Hungarian mathematician who worked on trigonometric series and orthogonal systems and who introduced Sidon sequences and Sidon sets.
Philipp Schwartz (born 19 July 1894 in Versec, Banat, Hungary, died 1 December 1977 in Fort Lauderdale, United States) was a Hungarian-born neuropathologist, who lived in Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States.
Ferenc Herczeg (born "Franz Herzog", 22 September 1863 in Versec, Hungarian Kingdom – 24 February 1954 in Budapest, Hungary) was a Hungarian playwright and author who promoted conservative nationalist opinion in his country. He founded and edited the magazine "Új Idők ("New Times")" in 1895. In 1896 he was elected to parliament and in 1901 became the president of the Petőfi Society.
Avram completed his primary education at the Kuštilj town school, then graduated from the gymnasium of Bela Crkva (Biserica Albă). He spent his high school years, to 1901, in Transylvanian city of Brașov, graduating from the Șaguna Romanian Lyceum. Imbroane was subsequently enlisted by the Royal Hungarian Honvéd, serving with the 7th Infantry Regiment at Versec, and then graduating from the military school in Szeged. He later began studying law at Budapest University, where he became involved in the Romanian nationalist movement, alongside Vasile Lucaciu and Octavian Goga.