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vlijt              ondergang              zingende              zeventiende              regeering              wonderlijke              werelt              weddenschap              geschiedenissen              verzameling              volgende              achttiende              betreffende              zwaluw              haensmolen              middeleeuwen              voormalige              fransche              japansche              restauratie              meern              deszelfs              revolutie              nederlantsche              kathedraal              mierden              korenmolen              bijbel              helaasheid              waarheid              spaanse              werkelijkheid              opdracht              laatste              koetshuis              veerpont              waarin              borgmolen              oudste              tijdens              hervorming              vanaf              korenbloem              zotte              koninkrijk              evolutie              bruid              geverniste              betrekkelijk              mooiste             

Examples of "verwachting"
De Verwachting () is a smock mill in Hollum, Friesland, Netherlands which was built in 1991 and is in working order.
"De Verwachting" is regularly open to the public, although it is not open on Sundays, Mondays or public holidays.
Another notable tourist attraction is the history museum in the town called "het Sorgdragersmuseum". The windmill "De Verwachting" is in working order.
In a Dark Wood Wandering (original title Het woud der verwachting) is a 1949 Dutch novel by Hella S. Haasse. It was translated into English in 1989 by Edith and Kalman Kaplan and Anita Miller.
Sanana (earlier name Xulla Besi ) is an island, part of Sula Islands which is part of Maluku Islands in Indonesia. It is also the name of that island's largest settlement, home to the Dutch era fort Benteng De Verwachting.
The critically acclaimed historical novel "Het Woud der Verwachting / Le Forêt de Longue Attente" (1949) by Hella Haasse (translated into English in 1989 under the title "In a Dark Wood Wandering") gives a sympathetic description of the life of Charles, Duke of Orléans.
Beterverwagting, also known as B.V., is a village in Guyana, on the East Coast of the Demerara River. Located roughly 10 miles from the capital, Georgetown, it is an important feeder village for the sugar estate in La Bonne Intention, a village adjacent to it. The name Beterverwagting comes from the Dutch words "Beter verwachting", literally "better expectation". It was the birthplace of British actor and singer Cy Grant.
The lyrics of the song were dramatized in the first Russian narrative film, "Stenka Razin" directed by Vladimir Romashkov in 1908. The song also gave the title to the famous 1938 Soviet musical comedy "Volga-Volga". It was performed by the Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra (balalaikas and domras) during their 1967 tour of Australia. The tune is also used in a Dutch hymn "Vol Verwachting Blijf Ik Uitzien", and a Dutch nursery rhyme "Aan de Oever van de Rotte". It is played in a cafe scene in the 1988 film "The Unbearable Lightness of Being".
Rudolf van Reest is the pen name of Karel Cornelis van Spronsen, son of Gerard van Spronsen and Johanna Westdijk. He married Maria Taal on 27 October 1921, in Voorschoten. In 1931, Van Reest wrote his first novel, which was followed by a series of novels, such as "De grote verwachting" ("The great expectation") and "Het loon der genade" ("Forgiveness' reward"), and also wrote histories and biographies. From 1933 to 1939 he lived in Baarn, and was editor-in-chief at the publishing firm of "Oosterbaan en Le Cointre N.V."
"De Verwachting" is what the Dutch describe as a "stellingmolen" . It is a two-storey smock mill on a three-storey base. The stage is at second-floor level, above ground level. The smock and cap are thatched. The mill is winded by tailpole and winch. The sails are Common sails. The sails on the inner stock have a span of while the sails on the outer stock have a span of . The sails are carried on a cast-iron "windshaft", which was cast by Fabrikaat Buurma, Oudeschans, Groningen in 1991. The "windshaft" also carries the clasp arm "brake wheel",which has 55 cogs. This drives the "wallower" (27 cogs) at the top of the "upright shaft". At the bottom of the "upright shaft", the "great spur wheel", which has 77 cogs, it drives the diameter Cullen millstones via a "lantern pinion stone nut" which has 26 staves.
"Paiser Meul" was originally built in 1845 at Enumatil, Groningen. It was dismantled in 1890. In 1898, the mill was re-erected at Peize by millwright Christiaan Bremer of Adorp, Groningen for F Staal. The mill was built with Patent Sails and the smock and cap were clad in "Dakleer". In 1936, Bremer fitted the sails with Dekkerised leading edges. In that year the mill was sold to "De Goede Verwachting Coöperatie". The stage was renewed in 1961 and in 1967 the mill was sold to the Gemeente Peize. The mill was restored in 1971-72 by millwright Alserda of Doezum, Groningen. The Patent sails were replaced with Common sails and the smock was thatched. In 1980, new patent sails were fitted by millwright Doornbosch of Adorp, Groningen. They were renewed in 1990, again by Doornbosch.
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