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Examples of "vesco"
In Costa Rica, Vesco donated $2.1 million to Sociedad Agricola Industrial San Cristobal, S.A., a company initiated by President José Figueres. Figueres passed a law to guarantee that Vesco would not be extradited. Figueres' constitutional term ended during 1974. Vesco remained in Costa Rica until 1978, when President Rodrigo Carazo (1978–1982) repealed what was popularly referred to as the "Vesco Law."
Charter acknowledged that in 1978 and 1979, two of its oil executives had discussions with fugitive financier Robert Vesco; Mr. Vesco and Mr. Mason had business discussions as far back as 1971. Vesco was living in the Bahamas and had declined requests that he return to the U.S. to face charges that he swindled investors out of millions of dollars. The Senate Judiciary Committee was investigating connections between Billy Carter, brother of President Jimmy Carter, Vesco, and the country of Libya.
Member:Bishop Jean-Paul Vesco, OP, Bishop of Oran (Algeria)
Financier Robert Vesco who, at the time, was also in financial trouble, turned to Cornfeld and offered his help. Vesco proceeded to use $500 million worth of IOS money to cover his own investments in his International Controls Corporation. When he was discovered, Vesco fled to the Bahamas. IOS then collapsed and in the process ruined a number of US and European banks.
Among the charges that emerged during the 1970s, the SEC accused Vesco of embezzling $220 million from four different IOS funds. During 1973, Vesco fled to Costa Rica. Shortly before his departure, hoping to end the SEC investigation into his activities, Vesco routed substantial contributions to Richard Nixon through Nixon's nephew Donald A. Nixon.
In the mid-1990s, there was a slight improvement in relations between the U.S. and Cuba; Terpil and Vesco were put under house arrest for defrauding Cuba. It was reported that Vesco died in Havana in 2007, but Terpil maintained that Vesco had fled to Sierra Leone.
Vesco was indicted during 1989 on drug smuggling charges.
Robert A. Hutchinson, "Vesco", New York, Avon Books, 1976.
On or about May 31, 1995, Vesco attempted to defraud Nixon and Raúl Castro, and Cuban authorities seized control of the project and arrested Vesco and his wife, and Terpil.
Vesco also designed aftermarket motorcycle accessories including extended range gas tanks for offroad motorcycles sold through Don Vesco Products, which also had a line of motorcycle fairings called "Rabid Transit" designed by Guzzetta.
Earlier, in a 1973 interview, Figueres said that he had been introduced to Vesco in Costa Rica in 1972 and that Vesco had then arranged for the investment of $2.15 million in Sociedad Agricola Industrial San Cristobal, S.A.
In 1932, general manager George Ludlow Lee, Sr. acquired Vesco Tools Company's line of wood scrapers.
Towards the end of 1941 she sank the Norwegian tanker "Vesco" and the Norwegian merchant .
In an interview in 1981, Figueres said that Vesco had "committed many stupidities" but added:
ICC was incorporated in 1965 by Robert Vesco (1935–2007), an entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan. Vesco had secured control of Captive Seal, a valve manufacturer in Fairfield, New Jersey, and placed its assets and liabilities into the newly formed company. He then acquired Cryogenics Inc., a nearly defunct Florida-based manufacturer of cryogenic devices founded in 1959. Vesco merged ICC with Cryogenics and reorganized ICC as a public corporation in Florida, thus skirting SEC filing requirements.
The story centers around Kim Vesco, a girl from Chicago who has strange dreams and an interest in sculpture.
Trixolan was linked in headlines to American fugitive Robert Lee Vesco and to Donald A. Nixon, President Richard Nixon's nephew.
Robert Lee Vesco (December 4, 1935 – November 23, 2007) was a fugitive criminal United States financier. After several years of risky investments and dubious credit dealings, Vesco was alleged guilty of securities fraud. He immediately fled the ensuing U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation by living in a number of Central American and Caribbean countries.
Castro imprisoned Vesco in 1996, convicting him of fraud, saying he had defrauded a state-run biotechnology laboratory run by Castro's nephew in a scheme to "develop" TX. Associated Press reported that he had been convicted of marketing Trixolan without government permission. Vesco died of lung cancer in 2007.
During 1978 Vesco relocated first to Nassau and then to Antigua. While in Antigua he tried unsuccessfully to buy the sister island Barbuda and establish it as a sovereign state. The Costa Rican government refused his attempt to return during 1978, while Rodrigo Carazo was President. During 1982 Vesco tried again to return to Costa Rica, but President Luis A. Monge denied his entry.