Synonyms for veut or Related words with veut

mieux              rien              quoi              jamais              avait              regarde              ainsi              peuvent              quand              reste              personne              oublie              mourir              joue              peut              celui              laisse              sont              oublier              disait              vrai              vient              vouloir              revient              reviens              besoin              vraiment              appartient              enfin              veux              doucement              perdre              envie              raconte              aucun              toute              crois              voyez              pleurer              amoureux              partout              pense              donc              aimais              toujours              connais              vaut              croire              chantent              sauver             

Examples of "veut"
"' Sergi López - "Harry, He's Here to Help (Harry un ami qui vous veut du bien)"
• 1975 : "Le Pupille veut être tuteur" by Peter Handke, creation at the Théâtre Essaïon
Belgium competed at the Eurovision Song Contest 1992, represented by Morgane with "Nous, on veut des violons".
The song was performed first on the night, preceding Belgium´s Morgane with "Nous, on veut des violons"'.
It was succeeded as Belgian representative at the 1992 Contest by Morgane singing "Nous, on veut des violons".
• 1975 : "Le pupille veut être tuteur" by Peter Handke, directed by Jean-Claude Fall and Philippe Adrien, Théâtre Essaïon
On 8 March 1992, Morgane's song "Nous, on veut des violons" ("We Want Violins") was chosen from ten entrants as Belgium's representative in the 37th Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 9 May in Malmö, Sweden. "Nous, on veut des violons" proved unsuccessful at the contest, finishing in 20th place of 23 entries, having received points from only four other countries.
The song commences: ""Djemila devant son miroir, veut être la plus belle ce soir, elle se mue en princesse kabyle, revue par Cécile B De Mille.""
Jacquotte Delahaye (floruit 1656), was a pirate, or buccaneer, active in the Caribbean sea. Alongside Anne Dieu-le-Veut, she was one of very few female buccaneers.
He won a César Award in the Best Editing category for his work on "Harry un ami qui vous veut du bien".
In French, there is the proverb ""Il veut prendre la lune avec les dents"" ("He wants to take the moon with his teeth"), alluded to in Rabelais.
The king replied after the attack to a senator: "Mon cher Senateur, si la fatalite veut que je sois atteint, tant pis"!
"Nous, on veut des violons" ("We Want Violins") was the Belgian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1992, performed in French by Morgane.
Arthur Ashin (born 20 April 1982), better known by his stage name Autre Ne Veut, is an American singer-songwriter and musician from New York City.
The name Autre Ne Veut is taken from an inscription in French on a 15th-century British dress ornament that is stored at The Cloisters and is translated to English as "I want no other."
Marine Lorphelin has also participated twice in the "Mot de Passe" tournament (the French version of the Million Dollar Password) and once in the "Qui veut gagner des millions?" programme, winning 48,000 euros in the latter to combat AIDS.
Sunday: Autre Ne Veut, Blood Orange, Chairlift, DJ Rashad, Evian Christ, El-P, Foxygen, Glass Candy, Killer Mike, Lil B, M.I.A., R. Kelly, Sky Ferreira, TNGHT, Toro Y Moi, Tree, Waxahatchee, Yo La Tengo
She is also one of the artists who recorded a duet with Alain Chamfort; the release date of her collaboration single Clara veut la Lune was 29 April 2012.
Anne Dieu-Le-Veut also called "Marie-Anne" or "Marianne" (28 August 1661 – 11 January 1710) was a French pirate. Alongside Jaquotte Delahaye, she was one of very few female buccaneers.
Words and music by Serge Gainsbourg, except "Encore lui", "Leur plaisir sans moi", "La cible qui bouge" and "C'est la vie qui veut ça" by Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Vannier