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jayanthipura              peraru              mankulam              kalvilan              ukkadai              alutnuwara              kokilai              kaluwanchikudy              kichangani              thunukkai              oddusuddan              tokhar              falimari              karachchi              eravur              umprempur              adampan              fanjahira              welikanda              vellankulam              uyilankulam              valaichchenai              panwila              urugala              elaiyur              maritimepattu              vellaveli              aranthalawa              osminsky              meesalai              pooneryn              manthai              panjwayi              weralugastenna              mendhar              melaiyur              makeen              sanchakou              bhalgamda              ngoshe              variyankaval              tejpur              thalangama              semolale              konwewa              vaddakachchi              chauru              manalkadu              stepanivka              areshsky             

Examples of "vidattaltivu"
On July 16, Sri Lankan military claimed to have captured a major coastal town, Vidattaltivu, in the Mannar District of northwest Sri Lanka from the Tamil tigers. According to BBC correspondents, Vidattaltivu was an LTTE naval base and a hub for smuggling supplies from India across Palk Strait. Vidattaltivu is the biggest town situated on Sri Lanka's North-Western coast (Jaffna lies on north coast) and was a major base of the Sea Tigers. The Sri Lanka Army 58 Division and Commando Brigade took over the town in an attack; that was the first time Sri Lankan military was able to capture the town since the Indian Peacekeeping Force left Sri Lanka in 1990. The commandos of Sri Lanka's Army initially faced resistance from 60 LTTE cadre. But the LTTE soon started a withdrawal towards Iluppakkadavai as it came under heavy artillery and rocket fire. Later Sri Lankan military claimed over 30 LTTE cadre were killed for the loss of just one soldier. Sri Lankan troops approaching from the east of Vidattaltivu cut off the Mannar-Poonaryn Road. Finally, the troops marched into the town and captured it after 21 years. Following the capture of the town, the Sri Lankan air force attacked withdrawing Tamil Tigers. According to Air Force of Sri Lanka, Mi-24 helicopter gunships sunk two LTTE boats 4 km north of Vidattaltivu around 1:00 PM local time.
Vidattaltivu or Vidaththal Theevu (Vidaththal theevu, விடத்தல் தீவு) is a coastal town in the Mannar District of northern Sri was the base to control mannar coastal by sea tigers of LTTE. Vidattaltivu is the biggest town situated on Sri Lanka's Northern coast (Jaffna lies on north coast) and was the major base of the Sea Tigers until recently. On July 16 of 2008, the Sri Lankan military claimed to have captured this coastal town for the first time since the IPKF left Sri Lanka in 1990.
The Battle of Vidattaltivu was a military conflict over the town of Vidattaltivu, Sri Lanka fought by the 58 Division of the Sri Lankan Military and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The battle took place on July 16, 2008, part of the Northern Theater of Eelam War IV during the Sri Lankan civil war. The 58 Division victory in the battle marked the first time the Army had been in control of the town in 21 years. According to the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence, the town had been the primary base used by the LTTE for its water operations and had also served as their logistics hub, making the taking of the town by the Army a "fatal blow" to the LTTE.
The government then attempted to open a third front along the Muhamalai Forward Defence Line. After an initial setback on 23 April, the Sri Lankan Army advanced rapidly, capturing the town of Adampan on 9 May, Mannar "Rice Bowl" which consists of the island's most fertile paddy fields on 30 June, Vidattaltivu on 16 July, and Iluppaikkadavai on 20 July.
In mid-2007 he was appointed as Commander Security Forces Headquarters - Wanni (SFHQ-W). From this capacity he directed the military operations in the Wanni region that was aimed at regaining area controlled by the LTTE. This saw several major battles which included the Battle of Vidattaltivu, the Battle of Paranthan, the Battle of Kilinochchi, the Third Battle of Elephant Pass and the Battle of Mullaitivu. At the height of the war he had 5 divisions and 3 task forces under his command, thus making it the largest military command in Sri Lankan military history. He is the Colonel Commandant of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps and the Mechanized Infantry Regiment.
In early 2008 Charles was assisting Sea Tigers leader Soosai fortify the Sea Tiger base at Vidattaltivu, Mannar District. Lieutenant Colonel Charles and three other LTTE members were killed on 5 January 2008 by a claymore mine placed by the Army's Deep Penetration Unit (LRRP) as they travelled in van between Iluppaikkadavai and Pallamadu in Mannar District. There were conflicting reports about his age - the Sri Lankan military claimed he was 35 whilst others reported that he was 43. His remains were buried in the LTTE's heroes cemetery at Kanakapuram, Kilinochchi District. He was posthumously promoted to Colonel.
Vaddukoddai, Vadduvakallu, Vadakadu, Vaddakkachchi, Vaddakkandal, Vaddukkoddai East, Vaddukkoddai West, Vairandakaddukulam, Vaiyakkarai, Vakkappaddankandal-Metpuliyankulam, Valaiyakadu, Valayanmadam, Valalai, Vallai, Vallan, Valliyappalai, Vallipuram, Valantalai, Valappadu, Valveddi, Valvettiturai, Valigramam, Vanchiyankulam, Vanchiyankulam Mavilankeni, Vankalai, Vankalaikkulam, Vannakulam, Vannakulam, Mannar, Vannakulam West, Vannamarutankulam, Vannamoddai, Vannankeni, Vannankulam, Vannankulam, Jaffna, Vannanpuliyankulam, Vannansinnakkulam, Vannarpannai, Vannarpannai North West, Vannarpannai South East, Vannarpannai South West, Vannivilankulam, Vannichchiyatidal, Vanniyanmadu, Vairava Pulo Kulam, Vannikulam, Varani, Varanilvattalai, Variveli, Vairavarpuliyankulam, Varuthalaivilan, Vasavilan, Vatharaveddai, Vattirayan, Vathiri, Vattappalai, Vavunikulam, Vavuniya, Vavuniyanperiyakulam, Vayittiyankudiyiruppu, Vedamakilankulam, Veddaiyadaippu, Veddayamurippu, Veddukkadu, Vedivaittakallu, Veeman Gramam, Viramanikkatevanturai, Velakulam, Velanai, Velankulam, Velankulam, Vavuniya, Velarchinnakkulam, Velikkandal, Velikkulam, Vellai, Vellalakaddu, Vellampakkaddy, Vellamullivaikal, Vellankulam, Vempootukeni, Veppankulam, Veppankulam South, Veravil, Vettilaikkerni, Vettaimakkalkudiyiruppu, Vidattalkaddusinnakulam, Vidattalpalai, Vidattaltivu, Vidaththal-Pazhai, Vidaththal-Munai, Vidaththal-kaddu chinnak-kulam, Vilan, Vilathikulam, Villamparuku, Vimankallu, Vira Manikkatevan Turai, Viyaddikkulam, Viyaparimulai, Viyayadippannai