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Examples of "vidosa"
Roger Vidosa (born February 29, 1984 in La Massana) was an Andorran alpine skier. He represented Andorra at the 2006 Winter Olympics and at the 2010 Winter Olympics.
Roger Vidosa retired as an Alpine Skier in April 2013. After retirement he became a Ski Instructor in Andorra for 5 months and then in Leeds, United Kingdom for 10 months. He took up the job of a Personal Trainer in July 2013 at The Gym Group in Leeds, UK for an year.
In June 2007 l'École secondaire catholique Garneau, under the direction of Mme Vidosa, publicly congratulated all of its finishing 2006–2007 graduates by publishing their names in a local news paper called l'Express. The convocation took place at l'Église Saint-Joseph-d'Orléans on the June 21, 2007. 35 prizes and bursaries totaling approximately $15000, gathered from within the Orleans community, were awarded to distinguished students. According to the press release, many students received study and admission awards from post secondary institutions.
The last portion of the shoot continued on a large sound stage in Montreal, where the Visual Effects segments involving the kids traveling through the rainbow was to be filmed. The stage's 3-story high walls and floor were all painted with the special green colored paint necessary for the compositing process. Special mechanical seats, platforms and camera rigs concept designs were made by Steven Robiner and John Galt and then engineered and built by Special Effects Supervisor Antonio Vidosa and his crew. For a shot in which the four kids are to float, spinning in the form a circle with each child holding the hand of the kid on each side of them, with their heads together and feet at the outer edge, then they let go their hands and each spin off and away from the others. Originally it was suggested to do this with the four actors hanging on wires, but Robiner rejected that idea because "hanging four kids on wires just seemed to be a dangerous and time-consuming idea, on top of being difficult for them to perform in..."