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huong              hiep              hoai              cuong              huyen              trong              huu              hieu              kieu              quynh              nghia              phuong              thuan              cung              thuy              thinh              nhan              quyen              phuc              duyet              dzung              quoc              khac              chanh              trung              tcheou              uyen              ngon              khoan              tuong              nghi              nguan              huy              ngoc              steevy              nguyet              khang              khanh              cheang              russei              maosheng              khuong              runsheng              nguyenthi              chinh              kaoh              doung              giao              duong              ngua             

Examples of "vien"
Vien de Nus has been known under a variety of synonyms including Gros oriou, Gros rodzo, Gros rouge, Gros vien, Gros vien de Nus, Oriou gros, Pianta di Nus, Plant de Nus, Rouge de Fully and Rouge male d'Arvier.
Vien () is an American Haredi Kehilla (community) originating in present-day Vienna. The name of their congregation is ""Kehal Adas Yereim Vien"" () (translation: Congregation of the Reverent, Vienna).
An Vien Television is a payment television service provided by Audio Visual Global JSC. An Vien Television develops on two platforms: DTT (digital terrestrial television) and DTH (direct to home), broadcasting to all Vietnamese territory. An Vien television supports over 100 channels, including 9 high definition (HD) channels: An Vien HD, HBO HD, Star Movies HD, AXN HD, ESPN HD, Discovery HD, NGC HD, Star World HD and Fashion TV HD.
Venue: Thien Vien Minh Dang Quang, Lawrenville, Georgia
Venue: Thien Vien Minh Dang Quang, Telford, Pennsylvania
Within the larger Valle d'Aosta DOC, Vien de Nus is a permitted variety in several smaller DOC designated wines each with their own unique DOC specification on how Vien de Nus is used. These include:
Produced by James McCarty with Dugard Brown and Andy Le Vien
Yen Vien Railway Station is a railway station in Vietnam. It serves the city of Hanoi.
Some of the most notable differences of the pre-chasidic Vien were:
Nguyen Van Hien was born in Gia Tan, Gia Vien, Ninh Binh.
Vien was open about his borrowing, and invited his audience to compare the two works.
Thomas Vien, (19 July 1881 – 18 November 1972) was a Canadian politician.
A professor at the école gratuite de dessin, his students included Vien and Collet.
del vino vien l'uva, dall'uva il vino, dal vino un sogno d'amore,
o del vino vien l'uva, dall'uva il vino, dal vino un sogno di te...
Vien is a serving military officer with the rank of captain.
Because the new coalition government would be headed by Big Minh, General Vien immediately submitted his resignation to then President of South Vietnam Trần Văn Hương, who succeeded President Thieu as President. President Huong, knowing the 1963 coup history, granted General Vien's resignation request, (Vien had submitted his resignation to President Thieu many times and had always been turned down). General Vien then escaped to the U.S. as a civilian once his resignation was effective and formalised.
Anh Vien competed for the first time at the London Summer Olympics in two categories: 200m backstroke and 400m medley.
Vien was born in Cao Bang, northern Vietnam. He attended Albert Sarraut High School in Hanoi, and graduated in 1939.
His father-in-law was Thomas Vien who also served as a Member of Parliament as a Senator.