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ainsi              oublie              quoi              revient              mieux              quand              peut              vouloir              reviens              peuvent              avait              celui              mourir              joue              jamais              reste              veut              laisse              rien              importe              besoin              toujours              regarde              vont              disait              douleur              souvent              alors              chaque              vrai              sont              tomber              moins              toute              douces              viendra              habitude              soit              sortir              votre              calme              croire              partout              rendre              sauver              devient              donc              seront              veux              crois             

Examples of "vient"
In 2006, the album was rereleased as a package "Parce qu'on vient de loin / Les marchands de rêves" with the debut studio album of Corneille "Parce qu'on vient de loin"
Béguin, François (2013-03-20). "L'affaire Cahuzac vient bousculer le travail de reconquête de Hollande." (n.d). Retrieved October 27, 2016, from
He wrote the television screenplay Mycènes Celui qui vient du futur: Mycènes, He who comes from the future.
"D'amour ou d'amitié" was covered by Corneille on "Parce qu'on vient de loin" (2002) and Kenza Farah on "Authentik" (2007).
Although this album is number 9 in the series, it was released before number 8, "La vie comme elle vient", which was released in 2004.
In the French version of the film, the song was titled "Un rêve est un souhait qui vient de ton cœur" (Literally, "A dream is a wish that comes from your heart").
On 6 April 1764 Charles' contemporary Edward Gibbon wrote in his diary whilst in Laussanne: "De Salis d'une indifférence qui vient plus d'un défaut de sensibilité que d'un excès de raison".
Vient de paraître () is a French film from 1949, directed by Jacques Houssin, written by Michel Duran, and starring by Pierre Fresnay. The film also features Louis de Funès.
"L’Ordre de l'Étoile polaire et Celui qui vient" [(The Order of the Polar Star and the Next to Arrive) 1974; reedited in "La Trinosophie de l'Étoile polaire" (The Polar Star Trinosophia) in 1990]
Parce qu'on vient de loin is the debut album released by Corneille at the end of 2002. It reached #4 in the French Albums Chart staying a total of 99 weeks in the chart.
In 1985, under the pseudonym Dupond Dupont, he published another pamphlet: "D'Où Vient la M…" ( From Where the Sh…is Coming.) Roitman, invoking illustrious examples as Rabelais, uses the entire word.
In 2007 and 2008, Bruni worked with producer Renaud Letang on Alain Souchon's album "Écoutez d'où ma peine vient" and on singles for singers Julien Doré and Bird Paula. In 2008, he also toured with singer Pauline Croze.
In 2006, the album was rereleased as a package "Parce qu'on vient de loin / Les marchands de rêves" with the follow-up album of Corneille "Les marchands de rêves"
He also played in the series "Babylas" by Alfred Machin ("Babylas vient d'hériter d'une panthère", "Babylas explorateur", "Babylas habite une maison bien tranquille" and "Madame Babylas aime les animaux" in 1911 ; "Babylas va se marier" in 1912.)
Final "-t" was eventually dropped in many languages, although this often occurred several centuries after the Vulgar Latin period. For example, the reflex of "-t" was dropped in Old French and Old Spanish only around 1100. In Old French, this occurred only when a vowel still preceded the "t" (generally < Latin "a"). Hence "amat" "he loves" > Old French "aime" but "venit" "he comes" > Old French "vient": the was never dropped and survives into Modern French in liaison, e.g. "vient-il?" "is he coming?" (the corresponding in "aime-t-il?" is analogical, not inherited). Old French also kept the third-person plural ending "-nt" intact.
Cargnello was originally associated with the punk rock band The Vendettas, which recorded two EPs in the late 1990s before releasing the full-length album "It's Happening to You!" in 2000. Cargnello then released his first solo album "Lightweight Romeo" in 2002. In 2004 he released his second album "Between Evils", and the Vendettas reunited for their second and final album, "Say No to the Vendettas". In 2005, he performed a live show at Montreal's Le Va-et-vient live music club, which was released as the album "Live au Va-et-vient".
La vie comme elle vient (unofficial English translation: "Life as it comes") is a comic strip in the series "The spiffy adventures of McConey" ("Les formidables aventures de Lapinot" in the original French language), by the popular French cartoonist Lewis Trondheim. It was first released in 2004 as volume 8 in the series.
· "‘Quand on vient d’un monde d’Idées, la surprise est énorme…’ / ‘When One Comes from a World of Ideas,Vast in the Surprise…’". Selection of poems by Jean-Paul Michel, with translations and post-presentation. William Blake & Co. / Éditions VVV Editions, 2013. 200 pages.
The title of Ivan Tcherepnin's orchestral work, Le va et le vient ("the coming and the going"), refers to the birth of his son, Stefan Tcherepnin (born September 29, 1977), which was immediately followed by the death of his father, Alexander Tcherepnin (died September 29, 1977). It was premiered at the Lucerne Music Festival on August 8, 1978, with the composer conducting.
"L'individu qui vient … après le libéralisme" ("The Individual that Appears … after liberalism"), published in 2011, is a new step in Dufour's work. He considers that he has sufficiently deconstructed the liberal anthropology in his previous works and is now to enter a constructive line of work in his research for new possible axioms for a real civilizational policy.