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jaganmohana              sajjangarh              malwala              kondadakuli              jalkoti              ennakkadu              ranakpur_jain_temple              narayanhity_royal              shivana              matiabag              fernhills              narayan_mandir              pagidyala              chazhur              kuthira_malika              rajbati              anantnath              thirupper              balunkeswar              basavana_bagevadi              jayamahal              guttahalli              tulaja              kalbhairav              aranmula_kottaram              bratakatha              banshidhar              chembrol              madhavendra              nanjundeshwara              kudachadri              mandavi              kalahastiswara              temple_madhuban_jpg              ramling              prasadji              lakshmipuram              kudanagari              thyagabrahma              nargona              chandreshwar              mandagadde              kanakakkunnu              prathviraj              sree_subrahmanya              shakthan_thampuran              vishwanathar              darbār              sun_temple_modhera              balianta             

Examples of "vijay_vilas"
It is developing rapidly with all amenities in the vicinity. Many residential complexes including Parkwoods, Regency Towers, Swastik Residency, Vijay Garden, Vijay Vilas, Vijay Vatika, Siddhi, Unnathi Woods, Soham Tropical Lagoon, Sadguru, Rosa Bella, Orion and Cosmos are situated here.
He preferred to live in the Vijay Vilas Palace at Mandvi, which was built during reign of his father Maharaja Kehngarji, for him in year 1929 and was named after him.
Again Jagmal Raja Chauhan was one of the persons involved in supervision and construction of Vijay Vilas Palace built during the years 1920–1929 in which many artisans of Mistri community of Cutch worked along with other artisans and craftsman from Rajasthan, Bengal and Saurashtra.
Major points of attraction in Sihor are the 12th century Brahma Kund (a stepped tank surrounded by idols of Hindu deities) - built by Raja Jayasimha Siddharaja, Gautameshwar Temple and Lake, Sihor's hills and treks, and the 17th century Vijay Vilas Palace of the Maharajahs, with fine paintings and wood carvings. Another archaeological ancient site of Saat Sheri (a mountaintop or a mound) along with some of the nine major Shiva temples spread around the town are an important pilgrimage worth visiting.
The Mistris of Kutch were also involved in construction and erection of Vijay Vilas Palace built on sea-beach of Mandvi by Khengarji III, as summer palace for his son and heir Vijayaraji. The carved stone works of Jalis, Jharokas, Chhatris, Chhajas, murals and many other artistic stone carvings, colored glass work on windows and door panels all have been done by them, an art in which they were expert. The architect and craftsman from other places like Jaipur, Rajasthan, Bengal and Saurashtra, were also involved. The construction started in 1920 completed in 1929.
Jagmal Pitambar Rathod of Kutch Gurjar Kshatriya of Anjar was Gaidher of Kutch Raaj in 1750. His son Gajdhar Jagmal Rathod & his son Ruda Gajdhar Rathod & his son Jairam Ruda Gajdhar Rathod all of Anjar were for four generations Gaidher for the Kingdom of Kutch and all constructions of "Kutch Raaj" the forts of Anjar, Bhuj, Mandvi, Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal, Vijay Vilas Palace, Sharad Bag Palace, Ashapura Temple, Dhrang Temple, Suralbhit Mahadev Temple, etc. have been done by Mistris of Kutch under their super-vision. The Assistant Gaidher to them were from Khedoi.
The Ranjit Vilas Palace, Prag Mahal and Vijay Vilas Palace are some of the royal palaces, which belong to the erstwhile rulers of Cutch and are some of their private properties. Other private palaces belonging to the dynasty include Aina Mahal, Sharad Baug Palace, Chavda Rakhal and Darbargadh Palace, which are worth more than 10 billion in value and hold much more value as heritage and monuments of history of Kutch. The royal family was in the court for rights of ownership for dispute which cropped up within various sons of Maharaja Madansinhji, who died in 1991. However, the court has upheld will of Madansinhji valid and Pragmulji III as such has been declared lawful owner of these properties, some of which have been converted into luxury hotels by him.