Synonyms for vijayaranjini or Related words with vijayaranjini

ravjeet              pakkya              blastovalva              mrogindi              edhdeportes              cinemaglitz              guolinsun              gambeera              flhkvhylv              steveking              levensstijl              bestatteten              trishikha              karinskoye              karanjikar              diensttagebuch              musalizi              balcedo              stjosephinside              mordiya              vellainayaka              gregbrannon              bratskoye              vetrriye              ramhit              pancratiastis              suhagin              rogerwicker              nagorskoye              tarasovskoye              desanzano              gridmusic              tarsod              yoonlee              delhinorth              tyoploye              mandalekar              frauenstifts              srirangamurthy              slacrosse              mukherjeelyrics              robmckenna              sprachgebiet              maryanovka              qisad              perpulverata              kleinertdieter              procolpochelys              maryjblige              congborder             

Examples of "vijayaranjini"
Cut to the present, Akshay disguising as Harish, a friend of Kumar, meets the mourners and appears to offer support to Sudha. Sudha receives phone calls from a person who demands a ransom from her husband's property that she inherits following his death, blackmailing her that he would otherwise report the matter of her killing and disposing Kumar's corpse, to the police. The blackmailer directs her to come to a spot with an amount of 2 lakh. Pursued by the police, the blackmailer, who emerges to be Kaury, and Akshay, are caught and are arrested. Following investigation at the crime scene, the investigating officer gets to know that the weapon used in murder was a knife. Using this as evidence, he reveals Akshay as the murderer to which he confesses. Akshay then narrates a story shown in a flashback sequence of his girlfriend Smitha (Vijayaranjini) being raped by Kumar and his friends, with Smitha committing suicide following the incident. Based on Kumar's false evidence, Akshay gets arrested by the police who escapes from the jail a few days later, walking straight into Kumar's house to intending to kill him to avenge Smitha's death. Seizing the opportunity of the ensuing drama in the house between Kumar and Sudha, he slits Kumar's throat unseen by Sudha. Cut, to the present, he gets arrested along with Sudha and are being brought to jail by a police vehicle. The film ends with Akshay tackling the cops out and escaping again.