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mikalai              aliaksei              andrii              iurii              vladyslav              siarhei              dzmitry              olexiy              staselovich              serdyuk              alexsandr              yauhen              kostyantyn              oleksii              vitalii              aliaksandr              yevgeniy              gennadiy              kukharau              evgenij              ihar              olexandr              danil              ildar              dmytrenko              shchedov              maystrenko              dzianis              radik              stepushkin              pimenov              silchanka              zhaparov              vadzim              yehor              yevgen              tsurkan              bahdanovich              andriyovych              kryvoruchko              edvinas              mokrousov              slobodenyuk              krivov              pozdnyakov              milchev              vasyukov              maksym              velichko              volnov             

Examples of "viktar"
Viktar Kopach (Belarusian pronouciation: Viktar Kopach) is a Belarusian contemporary sculptor who lives and works in Minsk.
Viktor Valeryevich Zuyev, also spelled sometimes as Viktar Valeryevich Zuyeu (, Łacinka: "Viktar Valierjevič Zujeŭ"; ; born May 22, 1983) is a boxer from Belarus best known to win the heavyweight silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.
Viktor Davidovich Kupreichik (, , "Viktar Davydavič Kuprejčyk"; born 3 July 1949) is a Belarusian chess grandmaster.
At the 2009 World Amateur Boxing Championships he lost to Viktar Zuyev and dindnt medal.
Viktar Zaitsau (born 27 August 1992) is a Belarusian handball player for Saint Petersburg HC and the Belarusian national team.
Viktor (or Viktar) Ginko (; born 7 December 1965 in Sharkovshchina, Vitebsk) is a male race walker from Belarus.
where he beat Viktar Zuyev 14:8 but lost to Dzhamal Medzhydov (Ukr). He posted a 47–5 amateur record.
Viktar Khilmonchyk () is a paralympic athlete from Belarus competing mainly in category F42 shot putt and discus events.
Viktor Vladimirovich Sheiman ( "Viktar Uladzimiravich Sheyman"; "Viktor Vladimirovich Sheyman"; born 26 May 1958) is a Belarusian politician.
The leader of ROSTANY Viktar Rudenka has individually supported various social movements including the European Youth Parliament and Amnesty International. In 2013 together with Lavon Volski, Alaksandr Pamidorau, Nasta Shpakouskaya and other outstanding Belarusian artists Viktar Rudenka took part in "The Last Dawn" project ("Апошнi золак") — a musical show which publicised the problem of the death penalty in Belarus. Viktar Rudenka contributed to the show both as a songwriter and as a performing artist. The musical was filmed and released on CD and DVD.
Iryna Kuksa is a Belarusian female acrobatic gymnast. With partner Viktar Lebedzeu, Kuksa achieved 8th in the 2014 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships.
Viktar Staselovich (born 28 May 1994) is a Belarusian swimmer. He competed in the men's 100 metre backstroke event at the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Viktar Lebedzeu is a Belarusian male acrobatic gymnast. He and his partner, Iryna Kuska, finished 8th in the 2014 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships.
Viktar Hanchar (, , Viktor Gonchar, born September 7, 1957) was a Belarusian politician who disappeared and was presumably killed in 1999. He was born in the village of Radzichava, Slutsk Raion.
In 2008 Andrei Sannikov, together with Viktar Ivashkevich, Mikhail Marynich and other politicians, initiated the civil campaign European Belarus. The campaign advocates joining Belarus with the European Union and aims to work towards the standards that would allow inclusion.
In 2006 he made it to the final of the French Championships but was KOd in the first round by Ouatah, at the European Championships he lost his first bout against Viktar Zuyev.
In addition to Zavadsky, Belarusian authorities failed to determine the fates of leading opposition figures Jury Zacharanka and Viktar Hanchar, and businessman Anatoly Krasovsky, who also vanished in 1999 and 2000.
Viktar Sokal (; , Viktor Sokol; born 9 May 1981 in Minsk) is a retired Belarusian footballer. His father, who is also named Viktor Sokol was also a professional footballer from late 70s to early 90s.
Victor Antonovich Shalkevich (born February 9, 1959 in Porozów; Belarusian: Віктар Антонавіч Шалкевіч, Polish: Viktar Antonawicz Szałkiewicz, Russian: Виктор Антонович Шалкевич) is a Belarusian actor, poet and singer-songwriter.
Viktar Sasunouski (born 29 June 1989) is a Greco-Roman wrestler from Belarus. He competed in the 80 kg weight category at the 2014 and 2015 World Championships and won a silver medal in 2015.