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Examples of "vilchez"
Marjorie Vilchez Soto (born ) was a Peruvian female volleyball player.
Vílchez or Vilchez is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Vilchez said the government hoped its apology would help promote the "true integration of all Peru's multicultural population."
Blanca Rosa Vilchez is a Hispanic journalist in the United States. She was born in Peru and has resided in New York since 1984.
Vilchez challenged Louie Espinoza for the World Boxing Association super-bantamweight title at Phoenix, Arizona, United States in 1987, but he lost by 15 round knockout.
In 1981 the director of Instituto Peruano de Estudios Antárticos, Luis Vilchez Lara, made a press statement expressing its view that Peru is entitled to an Antarctic sector 600.000 km2 between the meridians 84° y 90° West and to the South Pole. Vilchez Lara based its opinion based on the theory of plural condo of Fauchille, and the application of the principle of uti possidetis.
In February 1977, the vice presidents Pérez del Campo and Prados Arrarte left the party. Another prominent PSDE to leave the party was Ulpiano Sánchez Vilchez, vice president of the Madrid organization of PSDE.
Blanca Rosa Vilchez is the national correspondent from New York on "Noticiero Univision", the newscast most viewed by Latino Americans. The newscast reaches 95% of Hispanic Americans living in the United States with nearly three million viewers every night. She has been reporting for Univision since 1987 from New York.
Manuel Vilchez (born October 21, 1961) is a former Venezuelan boxer. At the 1984 Summer Olympics he lost in the first round of the men's bantamweight division (– 54 kg) to Uganda's John Siryakibbe. A year earlier he claimed the gold medal in the same division at the Pan American Games by defeating Pedro Nolasco of the Dominican Republic in the final.
In November 2009, the Peruvian government issued an official apology to Peru's Afro-Peruvian people for centuries of racial injustice; it was the first such apology ever made by the government. It was announced by Women's and Social Development Minister Nidia Vilchez, and initially published in the official newspaper "El Peruano". The apology said:
The public ceremony for the apology held on 7 December 2009 in the Great Dining Room of the Government Palace, with the presence of President Garcia, Minister of Women and Social Development, Nidia Vilchez, the only Afro Peruvian Congress member Martha Moyano, with the former mayor of El Carmen, Hermes Palma-Quiroz, and the founder of the Black Movement Francisco Congo, Paul Colino-Monroy.
When The Creole Oil Company moved to CVTV, they took two very important things from RCTV: one was "El Observador Creole" and the other was its host Francisco Amado Pernía. This loss obligated the directors of the network to search for a new presenter and Eladio Lárez, current president of RCTV, was selected to be the conductor of "El Observador Venezolano", a variation of the original newscast. Other presenters of "El Observador Venezolano" included Guillermo Vilchez, Antonio José Marcano, and Inés Sancho.
Formed in 1991, the band's original members were Dave Kirchgessner, Mike McKendrick, Colin Clive, and Anthony Vilchez. Currently the band consists of Dave (Vocals), Brandon Jenison (trumpet), Jim Hofer (trombone), Nate Cohn (drums), Colin Clive (guitar/vocals), and Rick Johnson (bass). The band has regularly toured throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, and South America. They have toured with the Warped Tour twice, and participated in the Ska Against Racism Tour. , the band has released seven studio albums and continues to tour actively.
In February 2012, authors R. Amorin, E. Perez-Montero, J. Vilchez and P. Papaderos published a paper titled "The star formation history and metal content of the "Green Peas". New detailed GTC-OSIRIS spectrophotometry of three galaxies" in which they presented the findings of observations carried out using the Gran Telescopio Canarias at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory. They gather deep broad-band imaging and long-slit spectroscopy of 3 GPs using high precision equipment.
On August 10, 2011, during the second half of the 2011 season, it was announced that Revoredo left Universitario and signed a one-year and half contract with Sporting Cristal. Revoredo would team up again with Juan Reynoso his coach at Universitario. His first game on his return to Cristal was away to Matute in the Alianza Lima - Sporting Cristal derby. In the derby, Revoredo started alongside center back partner Walter Vilchez and helped Cristal keep a clean-sheet against Alianza, the first placed team in the league at the time.
His artistic life permitted him to become friends with Vinicius de Moraes, Caribe, Humberto Vilchez Vera, Marina Nunez del Prado, Francisco Petrone, Fernando Lamas, Jorge Luis Borges, Manuel Scorza, Manuel Mujica Láinez, Mario Castro Arenas, José Morón Vizcarra, and colleagues such as Rufino Tamayo, Victor Humareda (a frequent guest in his home on Av. Larco, Fridays at 6 PM), Lautaro Murua, Nini Marshall, Raúl Soldi, Santiago Antúnez de Mayolo, and André Malraux, whom he met through his mentor Picasso and with whom he exchanged letters until Malraux’s death. He also knew other well-known figures from the art, political, and intellectual worlds.
In April 2012, authors R. Amorin, E. Perez-Montero, J. Vilchez and P. Papaderos published a paper in the Astrophysical Journal titled "The Star Formation History and Metal Content of the 'Green Peas'. New Detailed GTC-OSIRIS spectrophotometry of Three Galaxies". They give the results for the deep broad-band imaging and long-slit spectroscopy for 3 GPs that had been observed using the OSIRIS instrument, mounted on the 10.4m Gran Telescopio Canarias at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory. More details here:GTC-OSIRIS
Biologist Salomon Vilchez Murga, as deputy for the region of Cajamarca, presented a project to the congress for the creation of Cutervo National Park, which passed as law 13694 on September 8, 1961, and took effect 12 days later on September 20. The park was created with a surface of . A proposal to increase the park area was submitted in 2000. Law 28860 expanded the area of the park to the current on August 3, 2006. In 2007, a buffer zone surrounding the national park was created in order to diminish pressure and threats to the ecosystems inside the park.
In June 2010, authors R. Amorin, E. Perez-Montero and J. Vilchez published a paper in The Astrophysical Journal Letters titled "On the oxygen and nitrogen chemical abundances and the evolution of the "green pea" galaxies". In it they explore issues concerning the metallicity of 79 GPs, disputing the original findings in Cardamone et al. They conclude, "arguing that recent interaction-induced inflow of gas, possibly coupled with a selective metal-rich gas loss drive by supernova winds may explain our findings and the known galaxy properties". More details here:Two papers by Amorin
Andreu performed and gave various Master Classes Master Class and conferences"" en Conservatorios superiores de música, centros de enseñanza =, in many prestigious international music schools. During his career he cooperated with world-class musicians: Chano Domínguez, Miguel Poveda, Guadiana, Max Sunyer, Albert Bover, Salvador Niebla, Jordi Bonell, Alicja Satrurska, The Great Resonance Choral (Poland), Michael Grossman, Maksim Dedikov, Errol Woiski, Miles Griffith, Santi Arisa, Esther Estrada, Rob Stillman, Choral Zangensemble SLAVA (Netherlands), Chema Vilchez, Marina Albero, Juan Gómez "Chicuelo", Conrad Setó, Jordi Rallo, George Soler, Mario Lecaros, Gorka Benitez, Big band " Taller de Músics", Jordi Gaspar, Nacho Romero, Antonio Mesa, Juan de Diego. Also he worked with famous literary poets like: José María Herranz, Luis Antonio de Villena y María Esperanza Párraga among the highlights.