Synonyms for villa_médicis or Related words with villa_médicis

villa_medicis              villa_medici              hors_les_murs              ecole_des_beaux_arts              fondation_cartier              académie_colarossi              salon_du_livre              centre_pompidou              école_spéciale_architecture              école_du_louvre              arts_décoratifs              galleria_nazionale_arte_moderna              palazzo_delle_esposizioni              école_des_arts_décoratifs              academie_julian              académie_ranson              arts_decoratifs              palazzo_giustiniani              vallauris              exposition_internationale              belle_arti              société_des_artistes_français              académie_julian              exposition_universelle              musee_orsay              accademia_albertina              la_ruche              académie              exposition_coloniale              des_beaux_arts              musée_des_arts_décoratifs              petit_palais              école_des_beaux_arts              accademia_delle_arti              maternité              via_margutta              accademia_di_belle_arti              le_bateau_lavoir              centre_georges_pompidou              ensad              accademia_nazionale_dei_lincei              musée_du_quai_branly              teatro_costanzi              lycée_lakanal              hôpital_des_enfants              brera_academy              salle_gaveau              pensionnaire              musée_du_petit_palais              campidoglio             

Examples of "villa_médicis"
In 2004, he received a grant from the Villa Médicis.
La Ville, le jardin, la Mémoire - Rome, Villa Médicis, 2000
Diplôme National des Beaux-Arts Prix Villa Médicis
In 2008-2009, Haenel is a resident at the French Academy in Rome, thel Villa Médicis.
In 2010-2011 Patrice Pluyette was resident at the Villa Médicis at Rome.
In 1989, he is "Lauréat de la Villa Médicis Hors-Les Murs" for his work on King Ludwig the second.
The Casa de Velázquez is a French school in Spain modelled on the Villa Médicis in Rome, and the in Algeria. Like the Prix de Rome bursary for residence at the Villa Médicis and the defunct Prix Abd-el-Tif bursary for residence at the Villa Abd-el-Tif, bursaries are awarded.
In 1881, he won second great Prix de Rome and in 1887 the first grand prix of Rome, after which he spent three years at the villa Médicis.
1999 "Le Plein du Vide", "Wang", "Yi", "Echo de la terre profonde", "Gu Yin", "Xiao-Yao-You"(70') Radio France / MFA / Villa Médicis 1999,
He was a resident of the Villa Médicis from 1989 to 1991, and has been living in New York city since 1996.
This was Grange's submission which won him the Prix de Rome in 1913. This entitled him to study in Rome at the villa Médicis.
He is an ex-student of ENSAM. In 1980, he was awarder the Prix de Rome of Cinema (Villa Médicis Hors les Murs).
In 2007 and 2008, she was a resident of the Villa Médicis in Rome. In 2011, she was a resident of Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto in Japan.
He was selected by the Académie française in Rome to be in residence at the Villa Médicis in Rome for 18 months.
At the Villa Médicis he created the mould for his piece Spartacus, which is very well known. A Royal Command of 1828 for a production in marble made him famous.
Alfred Janniot. He won the Premier Grand Prix de Rome in 1950, which provided him the opportunity to work in the Villa Médicis for four years. While there he studied Urbanism.
The Académie de peinture et sculpture is responsible for the Académie de France in the Villa Médicis in Rome (founded in 1666) which allows promising artists to study in Rome.
Mercereau founded the Villa Médicis Libre, in Villepreux, under the patronage of Fondation Georges Bonjean, to provide inexpensive accommodations for avant-garde artists living in difficulties. André Lhote and Raoul Dufy resided there in 1910.
He published his first novel "L'ombre de mémoire" in 1990. Between 1993 and 1994, he was awarded a residential fellowship at the Villa Médicis, which inspired a tract against this kind of State-supported grants.
Françoise Romand studied cinema at IDHEC (1974). In 1987, she received a Villa Médicis Hors Les Murs in the USA, and in 1995, a retrospective at the Film Center Art Institute at the Museum of Chicago.