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Examples of "villatoro"
Villatoro is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
She has been married four times. Prior to her current union, she was married to Jeovanny Chávez, deputy José García Bravatti, and businessman Roberto López Villatoro. During her marriage to López Villatoro, she was also known as Ríos de López.
Nueva Esparta has been governed since 2003 by the ARENA party administration of Jose Manrique Villatoro.
Alejandro Villatoro said that he was arrested and kidnapped for some hours by the military forces.
Villatoro started as radio operator in a local station in La Lima. In 1985 the radio personality Marco Antonio Pinto hired Villatoro to host a sports program in Radio Éxitos in San Pedro Sula. In 1986 Villatoro moved to Tegucigalpa to study journalism at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras. Later he became the host of a sports program in Radio Universal. His outstanding talent helped him to become a news reporter in Radio América and press reporter in La Tribuna and El Heraldo.
Carlos Villatoro (1907–1963) was a Mexican screenwriter and film actor.
Villatoro started his career at "Suchi" and has also had two spells at local giants CSD Municipal.
Founded in 1970, the team name was recommended by Mr. Enrique Villatoro, who served as secretary Intipucá magistrate.
In 1996 McPeek Villatoro was accepted into the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where he graduated with an MFA in 1998.
Radio Globo is a radio station operating in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. It is known for its opposition to the 2009 Honduran coup d'état. It is owned by Alejandro Villatoro.
Hernán René Sandoval Villatoro (born 22 July 1983) is a Guatemalan football striker who plays for local club Comunicaciones in the Guatemala's top division.
Villatoro is located in the province of Ávila, Castile and León, Spain. According to the 2004 census (INE), the municipality has a population of 240 inhabitants.
Summer Brenner, Brian Doyle, Janice Eidus, Andrew Lam, David Maine, Ellen Meeropol, Daniel Olivas, Cecile Rossant, Greg Sanders, Antje Ravic Strubel, Marcos M. Villatoro
The Marble Colossus (Spanish:El coloso de mármol) is a 1929 Mexican silent drama film directed by Manuel R. Ojeda and starring Ojeda, Anita Ruiz and Carlos Villatoro.
Villatoro left Radio América during the early 1990s and later, the then Presidential candidate, Oswaldo Ramos Soto hired him to advise his political campaign. In 1993 Raúl Valladares, the director of the radio station HRN hired him as assistant in the breakfast news program "Diario Matutino". Months later the journalist Juan Carlos Barahona joined the program. In 2006 Valladares left HRN, Villatoro and Barahona were named news coordinators of the radio station.
Anthon Villatoro (born June 20, 1970 in Boulder, Colorado) is a Guatemalan former professional cyclist. He attended the University of Colorado, where he raced with future US Postal teammate Tyler Hamilton. Villatoro won the 1991 Junior Tour of Guatemala, a gold medal at the 1994 Central American Games (team time trial) and placed fourth at the 1995 Pan American Games (time trial). In 1996, he represented Guatemala at the Olympic Games in Atlanta.
That same year McPeek Villatoro worked as administrator and fundraiser for the Glenmary Co-Missioners. The couple moved to northern Alabama, where his wife worked as an advocate of the growing migrant farm community.
XEYL-AM 1400 received its concession on April 16, 1964. It was a 1 kW daytime/150 watt nighttime station owned by Omelino Chong Villatoro and originally located in Chiapa de Corzo.
That same year he, Michelle and their four children moved to Los Angeles, California, where McPeek Villatoro was hired as the Fletcher Jones Endowed Chair in Creative Writing at Mount St. Mary’s University, Los Angeles. He teaches literature and writing.
Casas del Puerto de Villatoro is a municipality located in the province of Ávila, Castile and León, Spain. According to the 2005 census (INE), the municipality has a population of 108 inhabitants.