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Examples of "vinals"
Aircraft designer Oscar Vinals is also working on an aircraft powered by nuclear fusion, called the "Flash Falcon".
Koert has started to collaborate with Marcos Vinals Bassols, who became artistic director and set designer for ACT lighting design, in 2010. Together, they designed the entire set, lighting, content and video animation of several projects such as, 2010 and 2011 editions of 'HALA' Layali Febrayer Music and Poetry festival in Kuwait, the concert “One phone One pass” in Brussels and “Cine Callao” in Madrid etc.
In its November 1923 issue, "S4N" published a poem by one of their most significant contributors, E.E.Cummings, titled "Poem, or Beauty Hurts Mr. Vinal". The publication of this work by Cummings, who was labelled by "S4N" as "the vulgarest of the newer younger generation … and besides, a knockout of a person" fostered an atmosphere of contention, as Harold Vinal, to whom the poem’s title refers, was a regular poetry contributor to S4N. The poem was a satiric take on Vinals’ dislike of "the harshness of expression" in the poetry of that time (Rumble 259). Contention between these contributors due to content, and the fact that a poem by Vinal was published "one short poem away from Cumming’s own", exemplifies the atmosphere of controversy fostered within this literary magazine, both in content and aesthetic layout of the magazine itself.